Murder In Pretoria; The Trial Resumes

Oscar worried

The trial in Pretoria, South Africa is about to resume.  In the past several weeks Oscar Pistorius has been a guest of the court in a secluded place where he could be observed, tested and evaluated relative to his mental state.  The prosecutor felt that Oscar was faking his overly tearful presence in the court room as a means of gathering sympathy and winning an acquittal.  Last year in the U.S. a young mother appeared to tell lie after lie as her defense, leading to an acquittal because a case couldn’t be proven on ‘facts’ that were lies.

We will review Oscar’s t/Moon-opposite-n/Sun Return for June 24, 2014.
















The above Return chart has t/Moon in the 8th opposing n/Sun in the 2nd, offering us a theme (taken in part from my in-preparation book) of, “Management of resources . . .   Accounting for past practices.  Changes in (family) plans, emotional issues.  A personal transition and/or crises at hand.  . . . . A need for reconciliation.”

We have to keep in mind that this Return chart coincides with the completion of his evaluation, the writing of a report for the court on his capability to deal with the trial on an emotional basis and a mental/memory basis, and the pressure of the resuming-trial this coming week.  With all of this the above “theme” statement associated with the t/Moon and n/Sun house positions seems quite valid.

In this chart we note t/N.Node at the Ascendant; Pistorius will directly encounter other people up close and personal, as they say.  t/Mars conjoins n/PoF; Pistorius’ presence and confidence will be easily jarred, he (and his lawyers) will work extra hard to prepare him for the resuming pressures of the trial.  After the intense probing and tests he has been through, Pistorius may be difficult for his lawyers to coach.  t/PoF squares t/Mercury; words may just pop out of his mouth, or, words of others may prove to be very upsetting.  

t/Jupiter is near the MC; this will become more “exact” or angular in coming days, bring a sense of confidence and a better outlook at we move intro this second part of the trial.  We need to also consider t/Venus conjoining the t/Moon as it opposes n/Sun.  Venus should imply a more balanced and composed Pistorius — perhaps the crying sessions will be mostly absent in the future.

Tomorrow or Tuesday I will look at the charts for July 2nd through the 4th, an intense period seems to be in store on those days in the court room.  Dave  




















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