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EU Reaction To MH17 Shooting

Almost two weeks have passed since a ground-to-air missile slammed MH17 out of the sky over eastern Ukraine.  While nations had to cope with both the fact of the nonsensical event and the indifference of the perpetrators for the dead … Continue reading

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Explosion In the Sky; Horror On the Ground

  July 17th, 4:15 PM local time over eastern Ukraine, an explosion was seen.  A commercial airline plane had been destroyed by a ground-to-air missile.  Bodies and debris rained from the sky over a stretch of many miles in the countryside. … Continue reading

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Years of Research Leads To An Informational Revolution

After many years of research, moving ahead from the work of Kinsey, William Masters brought his findings forward to the public with the publishing of his book, Human Sexual Response.   This erupted among the American Public in the decade where … Continue reading

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What In The Natal Chart Is Behind A Fascination With Sex?

Since much of my personal focus is on Return and cyclic charts I thought it to be appropriate to spend some more time and effort on looking at a natal chart for our last subject.  Born in 1915, 99 years … Continue reading

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April 18, 1966: America, You May Now Talk About Sex

While the 1920’s, prior to the great depression, known as the “Roaring Twenties” saw a public enjoying new dance crazes, free-flowing alcohol and the start of the big-band era, that era was still under the influence of “Victorian” moral codes. … Continue reading

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An Inept Retelling Of The Story One More Time

When I ran charts for Oscar Pistorius, June 2, 3, and 4 looked interesting.  On June 3rd,2014, the defense team’s expert witness, Prof. Dermon, was again explaining his theory on disabled people having a core anxiety and fear problem due … Continue reading

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Pistorius: The Evaluation & The Result

On May 14th the Judge ordered Pistorius to undergo an extended evaluation to determine his state of mind at the time he killed his girlfriend a year ago. A defense witness-expert indicated that Pistorius had an anxiety disorder.  The Prosecutor … Continue reading

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