Pistorius: The Evaluation & The Result

Oscar Photo in court

On May 14th the Judge ordered Pistorius to undergo an extended evaluation to determine his state of mind at the time he killed his girlfriend a year ago. A defense witness-expert indicated that Pistorius had an anxiety disorder.  The Prosecutor jumped on this, believing that Pistorius might claim some form of insanity or inability to understand what had happened.  

The chart below is for May 15, 2014 and is a t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return chart located in the 6th house.  The fact that this momentous date coincided with the start of a Return cycle indicates an ‘importance’ to the astrologer.
















What is important in this t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return in the 6th house chart is the “theme” that is suggested by the Moon-Sun positioning.  This chart is both a daily chart and a theme-chart for the following two weeks.  The theme is ” Improvements in work practices, establishing procedures, offering instruction, working in a small group. Misguided actions. Dealing with illness, inability or awkwardness. Visiting a health professional. Food or care services offered. Using one’s skills in a work environment. Personal act to address a wrong.”  I’ve underlined the provisional notes in my book that is being written for Moon-to-Sun Returns.  Oscar’s evaluation was a set of overlapping processes to determine his soundness-of-mind, his ability to understand what he was doing and had done, and other criteria needed by the court.  A small staff was in charge of his evaluation.  They were dealing with the possibility or presence of illness, inability.  He was ‘visiting’ health professionals.  The process addressed his personal act to address a wrong.  All in all, this ‘generic’ statement fits pretty well.  The theme of a Return chart tells the story of the following two weeks.

t/Mercury at Asc., opposite t/PoF:  Pistorius was personally involved in conversation with the evaluation staff.  What he said, what they concluded would be difficult to control or to determine ahead of time in terms of their report to the court.  t/Mercury squares n/Jupiter at the MC;  advantages and opportunities are hard to manage.  t/Jupiter squares n/N.Node;  gains and advantages in relating to others is difficult at this time. n/Saturn opp. Asc.; indicates Pistorius’ feeling of limitation and restraint, a need for caution.  Note that he had no lawyers to advise him during the evaluation process. 

Now, we will look at a chart for the opening day of the trial’s resumption.
















The evaluation report was introduced to the Court, but not all of it was made available to the public other than through references made.  What has emerged is that 1) the report is conflicting with the defense-expert’s view of Pistorius suffering from any anxiety disorder.  Oscar said he couldn’t move about in the dark, yet after the shooting he was able to move about to do a number of activities.  Oscar’s testimony is in conflict.  Oscar was also calm at the trial; no crying, weeping or throwing up stomach contents into a bucket.  Oscar understood what had happened, he knew right from wrong.  He is pretty much in balance.

The Return chart of June 24th, prior to the above Advanced chart had a t/Moon opposite n/Sun in the 2nd house from the 8th house.  The theme is “ Management of resources such as money, real estate or a joint project.  Accounting for past practices.  Changes in (family) plans, emotional issues.  A personal transition and/or crises at hand.  The disbursement of resources.  A need for reconciliation.”  Again, this generic statement seems quite appropriate to the situation.

The above chart, for the first day of the resumed-trial finds Asc. conjoins n/Venus; Pistorius is balanced.  (No crying or weeping).   t/Moon in the 10th squares n/Mercury; His emotions have to deal with his personal memories and thoughts of what the trial is about — underlying emotions are in a state of turmoil.  What will the report reveal, how will it be used against him, how will the judge act because of it?  On the other hand, t/Mercury opposes n/Uranus; his thoughts are on the actions and events of that fateful night when he shot his girlfriend.

We can make many conjectures about Pistorius mind and concerns on this day.  If we assume that the ‘report’ is uppermost in his mind, the 3rd house represents the report’s statements, the 9th house the wider impact of the report once it is parsed and used.  t/Pluto is in the 3rd; the report will become an intense component of the trial.  t/Sun is in the 9th, closing on an opposition; Pistorius has reason to be afraid of the report’s consequences.  The next several days should be interesting.  (Indeed, there are several days in the coming weeks that will be upsetting in this trial).

t/Jupiter is being closed by the advancing MC angle. Will t/Jupiter bring a period of opportunity for the defense team?  If we look at n/Jupiter squared by t/PoF we might think that his belief in luck is still shaken by the confusing evaluation experience he endured.  That t/PoF conjoins n/Saturn in the 2nd; plans, strategies are subject to changing views.  Pistorius is likely confused about just how well things are going.

As astrologers we can deduce a variety of opinions on each of the chart’s patterns.  Which views do we choose?  We choose the story-fragments that best fit together or which show a contrast of thoughts or actions.  All of the chart’s patterns will not work in harmony, some will show differing views of the conflicting situations.  It’s an art form, not science.



































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