An Inept Retelling Of The Story One More Time

Nel interrogatingWhen I ran charts for Oscar Pistorius, June 2, 3, and 4 looked interesting.  On June 3rd,2014, the defense team’s expert witness, Prof. Dermon, was again explaining his theory on disabled people having a core anxiety and fear problem due to vulnerability. Prosecutor Nels had Dermon in court, taking poses to illustrate how Pistorius was standing and proceeding toward the bathroom door prior to firing four shots that killed his girlfriend. Dermon felt foolish and Nels’ questions kept him off-balance.  He quoted his own theory about disabled person’s vulnerability and anxiety, but had no notes from his own interviews with Pistorius.  The issue of sounds being triggers for anxiety was raised repeatedly by Nels.  Dermon did not do well under questioning.  Nels then questioned him as to was he a character witness or an expert since he had not been able to answer repeated questions about what Pistorius did on that night as he approached the door and heard sounds that might have prompted his shooting.

An Advanced chart for July 4th, 2014 is provided below.













The first pattern that strikes my eye is t/PoF at the IC, opposite t/Jupiter at the MC; An opportunity to start (IC angle) a court (Jupiter) appearance properly is at hand.  Pistorius’ will experience intense (Pluto) questioning of his motives (Sun), as shown by t/Pluto opposed t/Sun in the 9th house  (expanded understanding).   If we astrologically jump from t/PoF to n/PoF, we find t/Mars conjoining n/PoF in the 12th house; the changing story is being attacked so as to get to the hidden answers.  (This is one of several ways of interpreting this pattern).

At this time, t/Moon squares n/Neptune; the story (Neptune in the 3rd) is subject to a fluid, changeable interpretation (Moon in the 12th).  All of this is in the framework of the Nels versus Expert court room theater.  Note the n/MC at the Asc. angle, n/Mercury and t/Saturn close by in the 1st house; Pistorius’ goals and life status (MC) is being uncovered (12th house) through a stern (Saturn) process of identifying statements and meanings (n/Mercury) being expressed in Pistorius’ behalf.

This same n/Mercury is square n/Asc. — a pattern that suggests Pistorius has an inherent problem in expressing his attitudes and feelings.   We can consider how this clashes with his Sun-to-Moon phase relationship wherein n/Moon is in the 6th of 8 phases in Dane Rudhyar’s “Lunar Phase Relationships” pattern — the honest man phase where one tries to be a role model to others.  Well, Pistorius can be seen as such due to his sports achievements.  What we have here is a Jekle & Hyde situation; two sides of his character that have not been melded in adulthood. When he does something his way in public, he strives to be a role model. When on his own without others around, he is always struggling to understand where he stands, what he should do.

Pistorius seems to lack a personal surety in private, yet follows (seemingly leads) a public course of action that is set.  He tries to live up to very high standards yet privately doubts himself.  This in no way makes him either guilty or not guilty.  It does support the claims of the good Professor Dermon even though he presents his case poorly under the pressure of Nels.  Dave























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