April 18, 1966: America, You May Now Talk About Sex

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While the 1920’s, prior to the great depression, known as the “Roaring Twenties” saw a public enjoying new dance crazes, free-flowing alcohol and the start of the big-band era, that era was still under the influence of “Victorian” moral codes.  With the end of World War II and the returning troops, a new view of the world was brought home from Europe and the far East.  Television erupted upon the U.S. households, phone usage was common and people started to work further from home and open up cross cultures to some small extent.



On April 18, 1966 a book was published entitled “Human Sexual Response.”  This scholarly book presented researched findings that revealed how the public thought and acted about sexual relations.  It was the first of its kind in the U.S.  With its publishing, the U.S. population was given permission to talk about sex, as well as being given a “how to” manual.  Dr. William Masters was born on Dec. 27, 1915 at 7:20 PM, in Cleveland, OH  (AA Rodin Rating).  His research assistant and wife, Virginia Johnson was born on Feb. 11, 2925 at 9:30 AM in Springfield MO.  I’ve retained Dr. Master’s Cleveland, OH birth place for the following charts.

Master’s n/Moon-to-n/Sun Return of April 11, 1966 is shown below.  I’ve included the chart’s data just as it came off of the computer from my Kepler Software.



The t/Moon conjoined the n/Sun at 5 Capricorn on April 11, 1966 at 4:16:29 AM in Cleveland, OH.  t/Moon-to-n/Sun was in the 10th house.  A tenth house theme can be stated as, Leading the way, living ahead of the curve.  Public spokesperson or being an icon for a program.  Benefiting from assistance by health workers.  Unwanted attention, being in a dangerous or targeted position.  Pursuing ones goals and career.  Professional review.”  This theme statement is taken direct from my in-preparation book, expected to be published early 2015.  It is quite appropriate, and it is what one might expect from a tenth house placement.

Most notable is t/Venus at the Asc.; One presents oneself with charm and warmth.  Note that n/Venus in the 12th opposes n/Asc.-n/Neptune along the 12-6th house axis.  The doubled-up Venus’ and Ascendant’s mark this pattern as dominating the chart’s interpretation.  Venus, the planet of love, lust and pleasure is being introduced on a personal level and in a way that links to partners (n/Venus at n/Desc.).

This is what this two-week period of Master’s life will be about.  

We can also note t/Uranus-t/Pluto conjoining n/Moon in the 7th:  A revolutionary sense of chaos and upheaval will catch the public’s attention relative to relationships.

The advanced chart for the publishing release date of April 18, 1966 is shown below.


In the intervening week from the Return chart, the MC-IC axis has moved to 24 Sag-Gemini, the IC conjoining t/Jupiter, while the Ascendant approaches n/Jupiter and t/Saturn, followed by t/Moon and t/Mercury.  The Desc. angle has just passed t/Uranus, t/Pluto and n/Moon.  The doubled-up Jupiter’s at the angles points to an abundance of good timing and content, a great start to a new national discussion.  We have t/Sun, t/Mars late in the first house, an assertive presentation of views.  Note also t/PoF at 20 Aquarius squaring the t/N.Node opposition to t/Neptune;  sharing something hidden or unclear upsets the normal attitudes.

The pattern of t/Uranus, t/Pluto conjoining the n/Moon is being left behind by the advancing 7th angle, leaving that trio in the 6th house.  Perhaps this represents the need for adjustment, adoption of new skills and understanding by others (the public). Because of the nature of this subject, in that time period, the Moon has to represent the public and its response to this bold new discussion.  Mainstream U.S. adults were being liberated by this book. 

Since the Pistorius trial has been put on hold for a few weeks we cannot continue to follow that story at this time.  Before the trial re-starts, I will cast some charts so as to look ahead at the outcome of the trial. 












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