What In The Natal Chart Is Behind A Fascination With Sex?

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Since much of my personal focus is on Return and cyclic charts I thought it to be appropriate to spend some more time and effort on looking at a natal chart for our last subject.  Born in 1915, 99 years ago, when the subject of sex was not a very public topic of discussion, how might William Masters have come to be fascinated by this subject?

Of course his becoming a doctor engaged in research brought many issues before him and many other personal parts of his life influenced his professional direction.  I’m only considering his natal chart.  Being focused on Returns and cyclic charts I look for natal chart planets at angles, having conjunctions and oppositions and squares to other planets.  These patterns coincide with events when chart angles are contacted.








In his natal chart we find the following:

  • Neptune at the Asc., opposite Venus:  Intrigue and uncovering the values and desires of others — a brief summary of this pattern.  At the time of his practice and research, Neptune could be said to cloud the motivations of sexual conduct.  Everyone was in their own private world of fantasy or confusion.  I’m assuming that “everyone” is the typical couple in the western world influenced by social norms that were only just beginning to expand beyond the rigid models of the Victorian era.  
  • Sun opposes Pluto, 6th to 12th house cusps:  Here is a signature of a detective.  Master’s focus of analyzing and refining his under-standing of the hidden nature of others is a generalization of his work.
  • Sun-to-Moon phase relationship:  Using Rudhyar’s views, we find Moon in the 6th of 8 45-degree phases/sectors, what I call the “honest man” phase.  Masters will follow the path of self-knowledge, he will be open and sharing in what he does and how he can help others.  He does not back away from what he believes.
  • Moon opposes Jupiter, 3rd to 9th house cusps:  An emotional honesty, opportunity found through women are what immediately comes to mind when noting this pattern.  He will seek to communicate and explore influences that are both personal and collective/social.
  • Mercury opposed to Saturn:  He will be very conscious of using the rules of professionalism, of having a structured approach to his manner of investigation.  Note the square to the Part of Fortune.  Since the PoF is used in these Moon-to-Sun Returns it is interesting to note its role in this natal chart.  He tends to “go out on a limb” with his work, a sort of fearless and risk-taking part of his character.  Would his work be valued, would it help others, or would he be subjected to criticism of his peers?  Note that I am casting the natal chart in terms of his adult life, not focusing on his birth-potential.

With all of these oppositions it is not surprising to step back and view his natal chart as having a see-saw pattern; the Ascendant side balancing the planets on the Descendant side.

There is much more to look at in this chart, especially if we look at midpoints.  However, the basics of what was examined here is sufficient for our understanding and use of this chart when looking at Return charts.











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