Years of Research Leads To An Informational Revolution


After many years of research, moving ahead from the work of Kinsey, William Masters brought his findings forward to the public with the publishing of his book, Human Sexual Response.   This erupted among the American Public in the decade where just about everything was changing.  For Masters, this was a very good year.  His precession-corrected Solar Return for 1965 is shown below, occuring five months before the publication date of his research.

Masters SR 1965-J










In these charts we look for angular planets, either/both natal and transits.  Here we immediately note that the s/r MC has just passed t/Venus conjoining n/Uranus; suggesting that the “love” of his discoveries has been a work long-in-the-making and is to be brought forward.  The same holds true for his n/Asc. behind the IC angle; his life’s effort has been accomplished and needs to be given a “start” (IC angle).

More notable, and not part of the ‘standard methodology’ for Solar Returns (as defined by Sidereal astrologer Cyril Fagan) is the planetary alignment along the 5th house cusp.   t/Uranus, t/Pluto conjoining n/Moon at the 5th house cusp, not at an angle; a shattering new exposure over emotional, sexual, love issues and the public awareness and practice of them.  This pattern opposes n/Jupiter at the 11th cusp; this effort is expansive in its scope and presentation to the community.

We can now play astrological hopscotch, noting t/Venus in the 9th opposing n/Neptune in the 3rd; this gives rise to his interest and desire to understand the secrets, fantasies and drama of love and relationships that was so evident when we examined his natal chart as a whole.  If n/Moon on the 5th house cusp was so appropriate to this chart then t/Moon in the 10th opposing n/Mars in the 3rd has to be noted; The public will be presented with the work-effort of his research.

Of course, t/Sun-n/Sun in the 8th, opposite n/Pluto strikes a major interpretive cord, the 8th house being associated with sex, death and taxes.  This Solar Return tells an appropriate story and we can move on to the Progressed Daily Angles charts without needing to dwell further on the Solar Return.

Masters PDA 4-18-1966-J










On this date, April 18th, his published book was released.  n/Sun is at the IC angle, t/Moon at the Desc. angle; n/Sun represents his life-intent, direction, conscious efforts.  t/Moon represents his feelings, his outreach to others and the public.  Other closely angular placements are n/Saturn in the 10th opposing n/Mercury; his rigorous approach to study and documentation is part of this day’s success.

But, most notable might be t/Sun, t/Mars at the n/MC position. Again, this does not fall within the accepted practices of Cyril Fagan and his research with the use of Solar Returns and PSSR charts (as he referred to the daily charts).  Yet, a transit is a transit is Sun-Mars-MC has to be a highly critical pattern for an event such as this — a document that lays out the range and experiences of loving couples in their practice of sex and love and intimacy.  

These two charts have made a case for expanding the rigid chart approach to Solar Returns as defined by Cyril Fagan.  I will not argue against the importance of angularity, but there are other areas of the charts that can be highly supplemental and informative.  We need to be open to the benefits of cyclic astrology.  Dave





























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