Explosion In the Sky; Horror On the Ground


GtoA Missile Explosion

July 17th, 4:15 PM local time over eastern Ukraine, an explosion was seen.  A commercial airline plane had been destroyed by a ground-to-air missile.  Bodies and debris rained from the sky over a stretch of many miles in the countryside.

Malaysian MH17 had ceased to exist along with almost 300 passengers. This needless tragedy will be the subject of this post.

In the exploration of this tragedy, the use of Moon-to-Sun Return charts will be used in a unique-to-now manner.  First, the chart for the missile shooting of the airplane.


This chart is for the time and location of airplane explosion over eastern Ukraine due to a missile fired from the areas controlled by the separative militia groups.  Due to the graphical placement of the planet symbols for separation, some of the planets are visually located away from their actual positions.  Most angular in this shooting-crash chart is Moon in the 4th, square Mercury in the 9th;  People/public (Moon) travelling (Mercury) in a difficult situation (square).  More significant is Sun square Mars, 9th to 11th; Decisions, intent (Sun) has to deal with (square) hostile and angry attitudes (Mars).  This Mars conjoins .Node; assertive and warlike relative to other people.  Part-of-Fortune (PoF) at 11 Leo, 9th house cusp, squares Saturn in the 12th;  Distant or international factors (PoF) brings difficulties to established rules or situations (Saturn) that have not been disclosed up until now (12th).

What we are going to do now is to cast a t/Moon-opposite-n/Sun Return for a date prior to the shooting/crash chart, using the shooting/crash Sun position at 24:53:31 Cancer.


Earlier, on July 12th, t/Moon opposed the shooting/crash Sun position that occurred five days later.  This chart had t/Venus near the IC angle; a classic death signature representing a balancing out and merging factor.  Due to the closeness of time, most planets have changed very little.  What has changed is t/PoF at the 7th angle; others will bring “chance and change” into the picture.  t/Mars squares the t/Moon-opposite-n/Sun (and t/Sun) pattern; Life’s balance (for many) is subject to upset and attack.

So far we have looked at two charts.  We are not sure how to assess these ground-breaking charts and have drawn some obvious conclusions.  The current situation is that limited access has been granted to the aviation-crash-scene inspectors and much of the evidence is being spirited away so that blame cannot be assessed.

At this point we want to know when the access to the crash scene will be mediated and the investigation allowed to fully move ahead.  Let’s look at an advanced chart for July 23rd.












On Wednesday, July 23, 2014, the above chart will be activated.  Note the shooting/crash MC is on the Desc. angle; Mediation and the status of this shooting/crash of MH17 will be addressed.  t/Moon at the IC angle; the public will feel that a new start is about to be made in resolving this terrible crises in terms of rules and access being agreed to or denied.

t/PoF squares Saturn;  the rules are likely to be changed for the better or the worse.  Since t/Moon squares the Asc., this date may bring a hardening of the Soviet-Separatists position, bring far more tension to the situation.  Since the advanced chart’s angles are all in mutable signs, this may only be a temporary situation with more changes to come.  At this date, the deterioration of the crash scene will become more acute.  The aggressive forces backed by Putin are attempting to diffuse the evidence of their aggression.

More later.  Dave.



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  1. dadsnook says:

    It may seem unusual in Return charts and Cyclic charting to pick up the start of a cycle before an event happens BUT if we want to use Moon-to-Sun Returns to study this event, then we have to go to the prior Moon-opposite-Sun Return using the event-Sun as the basis for the cycle. Once we move past the actual event-date, we are back on familiar ground. We will see how this cycle works in terms of prediction. Dave


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