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Almost two weeks have passed since a ground-to-air missile slammed MH17 out of the sky over eastern Ukraine.  While nations had to cope with both the fact of the nonsensical event and the indifference of the perpetrators for the dead victims, others were wondering how to reply to this international situation as a criminal action.

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The European Union, Malaysia and Australia were the aggrieved nations.  As facts slowly emerged it became clear that Russian-provided and supported ground-to-air missiles were responsible.  Radar tracks, recorded conversations and satellite  photos came together to provide a devious portrait on international bullying run amok. Russia revved up its propaganda machine, telling the world that the U.S. flew a plane of corpses over Ukraine and blew it up.  The bigger question was, “How, when and what would retaliation consist of.”

The U.S. and others had just put in place a new round of sanctions against Russia over the Crimea take-over when flight MH17 was shot down.  Now, almost two weeks later, talk is underway about how to respond.  Russia is seen as the primary culprit.  How would the complicated economic ties between Europe and Russia affect the retaliatory steps desired?














The above chart combines the transits for a Moon-to-Sun Return chart (inside) with the Treaty of Rome chart (founding the European Union) chart outside.  t/Moon-n/Sun was in the 11th house; The 11th house is the 3rd house of travel to the international 9th house.  t/Part of Fortune is just above the Ascendant and will contact the Ascendant on this date due to its rapid movement (13 degrees per day).  The last few days, including the 26th, have seen an increasing level of demand for actions to be taken relative to Russia and its supported successionists of eastern Ukraine.  t/N.Node is square t/Moon-n/Sun; associations will be strained.  eu/N.Node is on the Return’s IC angle; the sense of “associations” between nations is being changed as some factors end while other factors will be established, all of this hinting a differences between national interests being magnified.

If the Treaty of Rome and the forming of the European Union is a valid choice to use relative to the destruction of flight MH17, we need to look at connections.  t/Venus conjoins eu/MC; a strong bonding and empathy is felt in Europe.  The talk of this date (July 26) is represented by t/Sun at eu/PoF; individual leaders will be considering the risks of any action taken by the European Union as a whole.  With this t/Sun conjoining t/Jupiter, these talks will expand in scope and details.  One has to be concerned by eu/Asc. square eu/MC and opposite eu/Sun; goals, actions and intent are in a quandary.  t/Neptune on the Desc. indicates the confusion and diffusion of actions being considered.

When might some action or collective intent occur?














I have advanced the July 26th t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return to August 5th and retained the Treat of Rome chart in the outer wheel. This chart is shown above.  The first thing to note is t/MC at eu/Mars;  some form of aggressive posture might be expressed on this date.  The Descendant is moving past t/Neptune; some clarity may be emerging between the European partners as to what courses of action are open to them in terms of sanctions and other relationship problems with Russia. t/Sun is also moving past eu/Pluto.

When considering Pluto’s role in this chart, I consulted Rex Bill’s book on Rulerships.  Little Pluto has pages of references.  Destruction, absolute change and control, irrevocable change, etc.  There is fundamental changes to be considered.  Will they be initiated now?  Probably not.  Will this event seed the needed changes for the future?  Probably yes.  

We may be witnessing a shift between the old “I have a bigger stick than you” approach to ultimate diplomacy and a new form of economic pressure as an alternative to war.  Of course, if the economic pressure is ruinous than war may still be waged.  In any case, I suspect there is a shift coming, and we will get to watch its effectiveness or futility.  Dave

PS. The intermixing of charts is an interesting approach, don’t you think?











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