Nirvanah; A 1990’s Musical Comet of Short Duration & Long Influence


Kurt Cobain, born in the turmoil of 1967, created his own turmoil in the music world of the early 1990’s.   Nirvana was his band and his tool for touching his generation.  Their three albums influenced the music world of rock, punk and dark concepts.  Cobain was born on Feb. 20, 1967 at 7:20 PM in Aberdeen, WA.  I will use this place to locate charts for this post unless otherwise noted.  As a child he was hyperactive.  At age 8 his parents split up. He dropped out of high school,  having two art scholarships that could have been taken advantage of.  Why?

At his 14th birthday he received a used guitar from an Uncle.  He taught himself to play and organized a band.  The gradual success that he felt led him to abandon school and seek a life in the world of music.  Let us look at his natal chart.
















The first pattern of note in his natal chart is Uranus, Pluto at the Ascendant.  The most asked question about the outer planets relates to their “generational” nature and how it fits into the natal chart.  The Ascendant shows how we act within and experience life.  Uranus and Pluto, both outer planets, have Cobain as a personal tool to express themselves through.  Chaos, revolution, irrevocable change.  Now, how would one person find a way to bring these qualities into his world?  Via the rock music of his generation, music that would set a different tone and change the music of others, a “sound” of strong impact.  Mercury at the Desc. opposes Uranus-Pluto; Cobain would give “voice” to the new breakdown of social practices, to the new “new.”  Venus-conjunct-Saturn in the 7th house indicates some form of structured harmony, a rigid product with the right balance.  Cobain’s Moon-to-Sun phase relationship is approaching the analyst phase (135 to 180 degrees ahead of Moon to the Sun; Skills need to be honed, adjustments made in one’s capabilities to reach out or to support others.  The only other pattern to note is Part of Fortune (PoF) squaring Mars; one is prone to take risks, to challenge the norm.

The below t/Moon-opposite-n/Sun Return chart, 12th to 6th houses, is dated two days prior to his birthday.  The theme of 12-to-6 house charts relates to how one chooses to prioritize what they need for themselves versus what they can do for others.  At age 14 this becomes a moot point, it is all about him.
















Note that this chart date is two days before his birthday, as evidenced by the two Suns in the chart.  The n/Mars square n/PoF pattern now appears as t/PoF-conjoining-t/Mars at the Desc.; Cobain’s natural inclination to take a risk and excitement is emphasized here by another (the Uncle) symbolized by the Descendant angle.

t/Uranus is at the IC angle, an exciting new phase of life begins.   This Uranus squares the Moon-opposite-Sun pattern.  The ‘balance of life’ is shifting quickly.  Lets look at the 19th, the evening of his birthday when he might have been given his guitar instead of the next day which was his birthday (the 20th).  The 19th chart is more interesting.
















So, what has changed in one day?  t/PoF conjoins n/Mercury, t/Mercury squares n/Neptune;  One identifies with what is new, what is possible, what represents change. The drama of an imagined artistry gives young Cobain a new direction for his life. This ‘doubled up’ Mercury sets the interpretive mood for this chart.  t/Moon comes along and triggers the n/Pluto-n/Asc.-n/Uranus pattern; This is how he will change his world.  t/Moon also squares the MC; will his dreams, his goal be able to be seized?

These charts are not earth-shaking charts.  They merely reflect the situation at hand.  A 14 year old with ideas of his own, who doesn’t believe his life should continue in school, makes a big decision based upon a gift that opens doors for his personal expression.

By coming to understand this chart, this bad-boy of the 1990s has his own exciting and tragic story to share.  Dave.


































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