Nirvana; Almost In Reach for Kurt Cobain

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When in Rome, do as the Roman’s do.  So, who has heard of Romans taking tranquilizers and drinking champagne as a typical practice?  It seems that rock stars do dumb things such as that.  Cobain did so and ended up in a hospital suffering from a comatose condition.  As it turned out, this was a precursor to events a couple of months later when he returned to the United States.  We will now look at his t/Moon-opposite-n/Sun Return just prior to his hospitalization.















This is a 12th to 6th house t/Moon-opp-n/Sun Return chart, a very difficult configuration.  Typically it offers choices between what one wants to do for oneself versus what one feels obligated to do for others.  Totally stressful in many cases.  What were his fans demanding, what did he have left to give?  How was he going to keep creating his form of music while satisfying his own standards?  The natal chart is full of stress-signatures; the n/Pluto-n/Uranus conjunction (start of the cycle we currently see in the Pluto square Uranus pattern of 2014).  n/Mars conjoining n/MC is another stress pattern. When you also have n/Venus-n/Saturn conjoined and opposite n/Pluto-n/Uranus it may be very hard to feel really loved and appreciated rather than feeling victimized by society. 

t/Sun at the Descendant highlights this personal sensitivity to how one is received by others.  Cobain is undergoing a big disconnect from his fans.  Let us now look at the day of his entering a comatose state due to the mixture of drugs and alcohol.
















In this chart we find t/Sun more closely conjoining the Descendant angle, highlighting the disconnect he was feeling between his work-product and the fans he was trying to please.  This t/Sun squares t/Moon at the IC and t/PoF at the MC angles; Cobains whole sense of life-balance (the essence of Moon-to-Sun Returns) is being subjected to ‘chance and change’ (t/Part of Fortune).   Meanwhile t/Venus has come up to conjoin n/Venus-n/Saturn in the 7th house; a desperate seeking of bonding with others.  This is happening when t/Saturn has conjoined his n/Sun position; a time of taking stock of one’s identity, intentions and life-plan.

In Cobain’s case, the t/Pluto-t/N.Node combination in the 3rd was a common social experience of de-socializing and reconstructing relationships which he could not connect with.  He was a loner in his own mind.

We will see how this plays out in the next posting.  Dave


















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