Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt: It’s About Time

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie have been a couple for many generations, it seems.  Last Saturday, August 23, 2014, they were married in Correns, France.  In attendance were their family, each of whom played a role in the marriage ceremony.  They had taken out a license in California and had flown the officiating person to the wedding site so that it would be a legal U.S.-California marriage.  Unfortunately WordPress will not upload and display my photos (taken from Google images), so lets hope the charts display well.  

I will be using t/Moon-to-n/Sun Cycle charts for Angelina.  I could have chosen t/Moon-to-n/Venus as a charting basis but they had been a couple for so long that I considered the Venus–love symbolism to be less likely to present an interesting chart.  However, I will be checking that out.  Angelina’s charts have been located to a major town near the wedding site.






















This t/Moon-to-n/Sun Cyclic chart occurred on August 19, four days earlier than the marriage date.  This is a 12th house pattern, reflecting the hidden or private nature of their marriage site.  This was a private wedding, although there were guests.  Note t/Neptune on the MC angle; the fairy-tale planet at Angelina’s life-status-image angle.  Very appropriate for a marriage.  t/PoF and t/Uranus conjoins n/Moon-n/Jupiter;  Change come through a big/significant public event among a friendly community (11th house). Uranus brings out the surprise and uniqueness of the event.  We can take note of n/Uranus at the n/Asc as a doubled up pattern; Angelina is her own unique person.  Looking at the n/PoF conjoining t/Mercury in the 3rd house; we can associate this pattern with children and younger people being involved.

We can advance this chart by four days, using the Diurnal method of advancing a chart.






















The August 23rd Advanced chart’s MC is now conjoining t/Neptune and squaring t/PoF; The fairytale event does change everything.  t/Moon touches upon n/Venus on this date; Angelina is in a loving mood, having planned and making this date and event a very special, family-oriented occasion. n/PoF at the MC points to the change and new start in the family structure as Brad and Angelina solidify the family structure.

I also note t/Mars-t/Saturn square t/Venus-n/MC.  Although not angular and a part of the primary story for this date, this pattern is disturbing.  It suggests a fight over the wedding location or arrangements or public visibility.  We may not hear about this pattern.  If anyone hears of this matter, please leave a comment for the rest of us.  Dave

Again, sorry about the lack of photos. 
























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