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Evel Knieval: Crazy Is As Crazy Does

For some, life means enjoyment, work, children, family gatherings.  For others, life means challenging death, one’s own sanity, and the consequences of exploring new limits.  Evel Kneival (his public name) was such a person.  Born on Oct. 17, 1938 at … Continue reading

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We looked at Joan River’s chart for the day of her passing in the last blog.  We found a single angular planet in that Progressed Daily Angles chart, n/Pluto at the IC.  When we look at chart for the day … Continue reading

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Joan Rivers: Always Exit Laughing — Not This Time

Joan Rivers had become a highly popular comedienne in the U.S. with her fast-talking, non-stop jokes and commentary on people’s foibles.  She joked often about herself.  Most of all she made everyone envious of her good looks and physical shape … Continue reading

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Oscar Pistorius: The End & The Beginning

It wasn’t the best of days.  “Culpable Homicide” was the conclusion made by the judge in Oscar Pistorius’ murder trial. His sentence may be up to 15 years, it may be much less, but it is likely prison for some … Continue reading

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Captain Phillips: Fighting Off Somali Pirates

This is the “movie” depiction of the very young Somali pirate who led a small crew in the initial capture of the M.V. Maersk Alabama, a container cargo ship captained by Richard Phillips of Winchester, MA, U.S.A.   The ship … Continue reading

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Captain Phillips; Where Angles Fear To Tread

Eleven months ago, Oct. 2013, the movie “Captain Phillips” made its appearance in the theaters.  Starring Tom Hanks, the story of the capture of the Motor Vessel Maersk Alabama of the Somalia port city of Eyl became a box-office hit.  The movie … Continue reading

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