Captain Phillips: Fighting Off Somali Pirates

Photo Pirate

This is the “movie” depiction of the very young Somali pirate who led a small crew in the initial capture of the M.V. Maersk Alabama, a container cargo ship captained by Richard Phillips of Winchester, MA, U.S.A.   The ship had been set up with firehoses around the perimeter of the ship spraying heavy streams of water.  This prevented the small skiffs of the pirates from getting close enough to throw up hooks and ladders to scale the ship’s sides.  One hose failed to perform, providing an area of access.

Captain Phillips ordered the crew to hide in the engine room where they shut off the ships powers after scattering broken glass about the lower deck hallways.  The pirates, when searching in the dark for the missing crew, cut their feet and abandoned the search.  Naval ships approached the captured ship.  The pirates abandoned the ship using one of the orange life-saving boats of the ship, taking Captain Phillips with them.  The chart for this April 12th, 2009 event, a t/Moon-opposite-n/Sun Cyclic chart.





















This t/Moon in the fourth, n/Sun in the tenth house has a theme relating to goals, status, fundamentals of life. This is quite appropriate to the situation the Captain Phillips was in.  While in angular houses, these two bodies are not closely angular themselves.  The only “angular” candidate is t/N.Node near the Descendant; Phillips’ situation is in the hands of others, associates or those around him.  Since this cyclic chart date is the date of the conclusion of this event, what do we use to view the chart’s meaning?  

  • t/Moon squares n/Jupiter-n/Neptune; changes will bring fortunate results at sea — this is the most ‘glib’ statement that fits this symbolism, yet it fits the situation.
  • t/PoF will contact t/Mars-t/Uranus later in the day; Sudden actions and surprise will change the situation.
  • t/PoF will/is conjoining n/Moon; Phillips will have hopes that the situation, after several days of captivity, will change.  The pirate-leader had gone to the Navy’s ship to negotiate an end to the situation.
  • t/Sun squares n/Jupiter-n/Uranus; the challenge is to find a successful solution, immediately.

The events that transpired involve the pirate-leader agreeing to go aboard the Navy ship that had taken the life boat in tow.  While there, after dark fell, U.S. Navy Seals had placed three marksmen-snipers at the back of the ship.  When all three remaining pirates were in view at the same time they were to shoot.  That happened and three dead pirates were sent on their way into the cosmos.  The pirate leader was arrested.  Captain Phillips was released.

What we have learned from this chart is that not all of life’s events and situations are mirrored in the chart in the manner we expect.  So, we have to look for triggers other than angular planets.  These are typically t/Sun, t/Moon, t/PoF primarily, with t/Mercury and t/Mars being secondary tools.  t/Venus seems to be reserved for events of the heart or concerning money.  Dave










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