Oscar Pistorius: The End & The Beginning

Oscar in court 4-09

It wasn’t the best of days.  “Culpable Homicide” was the conclusion made by the judge in Oscar Pistorius’ murder trial. His sentence may be up to 15 years, it may be much less, but it is likely prison for some period of time.  He had choices, he did not have to immediately fire his gun into the small room where someone was behind the door.  A small room —- how could one not fail to hit, or kill, a person in a very small toilet room?  The phone or a call for help would have been the better choice according to the judge.  This blog has followed the Oscar Pistorius story since the winter of 2013 with a series of various charts.  Today I will present Progressed Daily Angles charts, derived from Pistorius’ 2013 p.c. Solar Return.  Two charts; one for the Sept. 12th pronouncement and one for the Oct. 13th going to jail date.  Note that the judge has yet to pronounce the actual sentence he will receive so it is possible that he may earlier move into a ‘probationary’ state.  Below is the Sept. 12th chart.

Oscar PDA 9-12-2014-J

These charts are produced using RIYAL for Windows—instructions for downloading, configuring, and using the free-ware program is given in the menu choices of this blog site. This chart’s vertical axis is the active axis.  t/N.Node and t/Mercury at the MC is opposite n/N.Node and t/Uranus at the IC angle.  Only angular planets are used in this type of chart, although the alternate natal/transit version of an angular planet is also taken into consideration.    It is common for this type of chart to present on one or a few planets or planet groupings to consider.  We base our whole story for this date on these few components.

t/N.Node opposite n/N.Node indicates that different associates will affect his public and private status.  One the judge has ruled, several people will participate within the determination of exactly how that guilty pronouncement will play out.  t/Mercury at the MC denotes the announcement on his status for this date (yesterday).  t/Uranus at the IC points to the sudden impact on his home life — it will be ending, changing, starting.

If we note the angles, realizing that they advance some 1.25 degrees per day, we might expect the Descendant angle to advance to n/Moon in a week or so.  This might indicate a date when the judge will reply or come back with a sentence.  If we were to look at t/Jupiter’s position at 12 degrees Leo, the Descendant might require some 15 days or so to advance that far, which could be another possible date for the judge to announce a legal (Jupiter) sentence.

Now, let us look at the Oct. 13, 2014 date when any jail sentence would take place.

Oscar PDA 10-13-2014-J

On this date, t/Saturn is at the MC angle; limitations and lessons will be applied to Pistorius’ status, become not a goal in life, but to become a way of life.  Note that the black moon Lilth symbol is near the Descendant; I don’t use that point, it inadvertently became included.  This single factor, t/Saturn at the MC, is what nicely describes the situation of this date for this man.

We should note n/MC at 9 Scorpio; The MC has passed (advanced) beyond this point some twelve or so days earlier.  The t/Asc. has passed the n/Asc. some 12 days earlier than this Oct. 13th date.  It may be that around the first of October that Pistorius’ life will be set in stone by the judge’s announcement of punishment.  Given the earlier possibilities mentioned, it looks like the end of Sept. or the 1st of October will see the judge stating just what the punishment terms will be.   Dave.


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