Joan Rivers: Always Exit Laughing — Not This Time

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Joan Rivers had become a highly popular comedienne in the U.S. with her fast-talking, non-stop jokes and commentary on people’s foibles.  She joked often about herself.  Most of all she made everyone envious of her good looks and physical shape as she moved into her eighties.  This was due to non-ending plastic surgery, Botox and skin treatments — all of which she openly commented on.  Joan was an institution.  Was.  She died after undergoing a minor medical procedure. The chart below is a r Solar Return for 2014.  The menu choices at the top of the screen can be used to guide readers through the process of downloading the free RIYAL for Windows software, configuring it and using to produce these types of charts.  Solar Fire, Kepler, Halloran, Matrix cannot offer this functionality and ease of use.

Joan Solar Return 2014-J












The is a lot of angular placements in this chart that are used to tell the primary story for the coming year.

  • n/Asc. at the IC angle; One phase of life ends, one may start.  Life will change.
  • n/Sun-t/Sun at the Desc.;  Others will play the key role in this new phase of life.
  • n/Moon at the Asc.;  Changes occur unexpectedly.  Reactions are required of one almost constantly.  A need for enhanced support exists.
  • t/Mars in the 10th house;  Physical condition, one’s public actions and presence will be in focus, more than usual.

Now this is all just so much talk when we are dealing with a public figure.  Life is always changing, there are crises times when our life is heavily in the hands of others, we often feel the need for a lot of extra support, and we have times when we feel the need to act in order to serve our own interests.  So, why would a public figure see these points as being important?  Because everyone is also a private person, with private needs and challenges.  We are talking about an individuals personal life.

Joan PDA 9-04-2014-J













The above chart is for September 4, 2014, the day Joan Rivers passed on due to cardiac arrest.  Several days earlier she had entered a New York clinic to have her throat examined.  Her voice had become deep and rough and was causing discomfort.  It is at this point that we have to understand the context of Joan’s health condition.  She had to take great care relative to anesthesia due to her bodily reactions.  At the clinic she had her personal physician examine her.  He decided to take a biopsy of her vocal chords; this had not been agreed to previously by Joan.  She had a reaction and was rushed to a nearby hospital in order to save her life.  Several days later, she died.

The above chart has one angular planet; n/Pluto at the IC.  In the days since her June Solar Return, the MC had progressed from 4 Libra to 21 Capricorn.  The S/R natal Asc. at the IC had moved into the 12th house.  This is what tells the story, nothing more.  When we get down to our personal life the chart’s story can be very simple.  We are used to reading natal chart analysis which takes pages and pages, and which offers complicated insights.  In these cyclic charts we see the story as it exists on that single day.  We are not looking for a life story.  On this day Joan had deal with a major life transition.






















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