Joan photo-3We looked at Joan River’s chart for the day of her passing in the last blog.  We found a single angular planet in that Progressed Daily Angles chart, n/Pluto at the IC.  When we look at chart for the day she had her first severe cardiac arrest and was then taken to the hospital, we find a chart with much more astrological influence.

Below is her Aug. 29th, 2014 progressed daily angles chart.

Joan PDA 8-29-2014-J













Of note is n/Uranus at the Asc. with t/Uranus behind in the 12th house zone. This, in itself, points to irregularities in body rhythms, sudden developments and surprises. With n/Asc. and n/Uranus in the 12th (the counterparts of t/Asc. and t/Uranus) we can associate this with hospitalization or behind-the-scenes help/burdens. Given that there are no other angular planets we have to go with this lone planet/angle as the defining theme for the day.

As secondary triggers we always look to t/Sun and t/Moon:

  • t/Sun is conjoining n/Neptune (anesthesia, unconsciousness).
  • t/Moon opposes n/Uranus and t/Uranus suggesting a reaction involving fluids (her vocal cords were swelling, cutting of her air supply).
  • t/Moon conjoining t/N.Node points to others also being involved in her reaction to her treatment.

There may be others who follow this blog that can offer other or deeper insights into the medical portrait of this chart.  I would welcome any comments.

Again, there are resources that can help those who are new to this type of charting (the use of precession-corrected Solar Returns and progressed daily angles charting.

  • The “Calculation” selection in the menu bar of this blog describes and illustrates the downloading of free-to-use RIYAL for Windows software.
  • My book, Personal Prediction, covers the use of the Tropical Zodiac and precession-correction to create these charts.  Included are interpretive tools and analysis that has not been used or promoted by the Sidereal school. The book is available through local bookstores and Internet booksellers.
  • Cyril Fagan’s book, Primer of Sidereal Astrology, provides information on the manual calculation of these charts as well as offering brief interpretive guidelines.
















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