Evel Knieval: Crazy Is As Crazy Does

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For some, life means enjoyment, work, children, family gatherings.  For others, life means challenging death, one’s own sanity, and the consequences of exploring new limits.  Evel Kneival (his public name) was such a person.  Born on Oct. 17, 1938 at 2:40 PM in Butte, Montana, he was one of those people who might take up any challenge.  His natal chart was marked by moon-conjoining-pluto; one who sought extreme situations to satisfy his appreciation of life.  Mars and Neptune sent his energies towards showmanship and drama.  With his Mercury racing ahead of his Sun we can say that he was not bound by the standards of others, he felt free to find his own way.  Venus squared his Asc. and opposed the MC; love, acceptance and money was a personal challenge which he answered through his work.

His p.c. Solar Return for 1965 occurred prior to his first stunt racing event a few months later.  As a youth he had attended a Joie Chitwood car racing show, an event that was common at every major country fair across the U.S.; this show inspired his later motorcycle stunt riding.  As a young adult he enjoyed riding his motorcycle more than he enjoyed work.  Work was not attractive, especially after he mis-used a piece of heavy earth-moving equipment and took out the power grid for a city.  That got him fired.  Let us look at his Solar Return chart.

SR 1965-J













Most notable in this Solar Return chart, relocated to Indio, CA, where he presented his first motor cycle show, is n/Moon, n/Pluto at the Asc.; he was on a thrill seeking mission in this year.  n/Mercury is on the IC angle, with t/Sun, n/Sun close by. Riding (his primary expression of Mercury) was to bring him into a new life.  Also in the 4th (angular) house is t/Neptune conjoining n/N.Node; bringing fantasy and entertainment to others around him.  (n/N.Node opposes n/Uranus, so seeking to thrill others is what his life is all about).   So, this chart provides his personal “theme” for the following year.

On Jan. 3rd, 1966 Evel conducted his first show in Indio, CA.

PDA 1-03-1966-J






t/Mars opposes n/Moon on the daily MC; risk-taking to get a public response.  Playing astrological hopscotch, we can jump over to t/Moon at the n/MC and opposing t/Neptune;  the public responds to his efforts and drama.  When we find a ‘doubled-up’ planet, in this case natal Moon and transiting Moon in angular houses, we will find action being taken.  Given that n/Mars conjoins n/Neptune; we find a doubling-up of Mars and of Neptune due to these associative linkages — Moon, Mars, Neptune, MC axis.  Acting to elicit a public response through one’s work is the most basic meaning of this pattern.  In following posts we will view charts where his success was met with hurt and physical damage.  Jumping long distances with a motor cycle over a row of buses or trucks or a river is not what many of us would call a “smart thing to do.”  Dave
























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