Eval Knievel’s Insanity; Keep On Jumping, Keep On Being Injured

Caesar's Fountain jump

Eval Knievel was one crazy dude!  Almost every jump resulted in bad injuries during the early part of his career.  In this post I will address the jump/injuries that finally made him famous.  In late 1967 while attending a boxing match at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada, Eval noticed the Eval at Caesar's in colorfamous fountain and decided that he would jump it.  The problem was that he was not well-known and couldn’t get the attention of the Caesar’s Palace management.  Creating a dummy corporation, faking the phone voices of several lawyers, and persistent calls finally led to a booking.  ABC would not broadcast the jump live but would buy the film if it was exciting enough to draw a TV audience.  Actor John Derek, with his wife actress Linda Evans as cameraman, filmed the event.  Let us first look at his 1967 p.c. Solar Return for 1967.

Eval SR 1967 at Caesars-J












This Oct. 17, 1967 precession-corrected Tropical zodiac Solar Return is calculated using the RIYAL for Windows software.  (see the Calculation sub-menu for downloading and usage instructions).  This Solar Return has it’s vertical axis active due to near-by planets. n/Mercury very near the MC (9th house side) suggests a motorcycle (Mercury always seems to denote motorcycles, jumping, moving fast for Knievel) adventure at a far-away or distant place.  In this case we have to nuance “distant” as meaning the big-time attraction of Caesar’s Palace, a venue very much out of his league in terms of small-time racing at local tracks and stunt-shows.  This n/Mercury opposes t/N.Node at the IC (and Lilth, which I will not address now).   The Moon’s Node in cyclic charting equates to contact with others — in this case his racing/jumping is intended to reach out to others (an audience).   Often we can look at t/Moon to give us a clue about the Solar Return when there is little angular activity to hand a delineation upon.  t/Moon conjoins n/Saturn; a public damper on a hyped up event might be seen when trying to place this in the context of his life.  Let’s look at the daily angles chart for Dec. 31, 1967.

Eval PDA 12-31-1967-J












Here we have some angularity to tell our story.  n/Moon at the IC; attempting to build or gain a widespread public audience.  The natal conjunction with Pluto has always given Knievel a drive to succeed and dominate.  t/Neptune-t/Venus-n/Venus at the Desc. angle opposing n/MC at the Asc. angle is a very strong and complex pattern.  n/MC at the Asc. (an angular match-up) indicates that he will speak and act to promote his goals.  t/Neptune at the Desc. points to the drama he has created for the event (Las Vegas adores showmanship, is intolerant of anything less than stupendous).  t./Venus, n/Venus at the Desc. with the nearby n/N.Node opposing n/Uranus tells us that money and his desires to be attractive to the public is assured by his exciting act and the thrill of watching for either success or injury to result.

Evel Photo-4

The result of his jump over the famous Caesar’s Palace fountain was serious injuries including a crushed pelvis, crushed femur, fractured hip-wrist-ankles, a concussion and a month’s hospital stay.  So, where is Mars in all this hurt and injury?  n/Mars conjoins n/Neptune — note that t/Neptune is at the Desc. angle.  n/Mars is contacted by t/Pluto-t/Uranus; this all adds up to injury, serious calamity, suddenness and excitement.

ABC was thrilled with the event.  The event-filming was bought.  What’s better than a dramatic build-up followed by a terrible ending and all the drama that goes with it.  Knievel’s injuries and failure to jump the fountain gave him the fame he has always sought.

We have seen in these charts the presence of Black Moon Lilith at the angles.  I’ll have to do some research to see what this means in cyclic charts.  Dave.
































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