Eval Knieval’s Failure Becomes A Triumph

Eval's Rocket Bike

Pictured here is Eval Knieval’s Rocket Motor Cycle and his jump suit, these items were part of a most-spectacular jump effort.  Eval intended to jump the Snake River Canyon in Idaho, U.S.A.  This mile-wide canyon was far too wide for a conventional motorcycle to jump, so Eval constructed a rocket to  Eval's Rocket Bike 3help him make this leap.  The first text rocket failed to go the distance and crashed into the river canyon.  So did the second rocket.  More design work, more construction, a safety parachute to help the rocket land if the jump is not successful.  

Eval Rocket Bike 2

On Sept. 8, 1974 Eval was prepared to take his latest rocket creation over the mile-wide river canyon, cliff to cliff.  This was a notable stunt and attracted a great deal of attention.  The first chart we will look at is Eval’s 1973 p.c. Solar Return, located to the Snake River Canyon in Idaho where a monument has been erected to commemorate the event.


Eval SR 1973-J












The most notable feature in this precession corrected tropical Solar Return is the close re-allignment of the MC to the n/MC and the Asc. to the n/Asc.  This is typical of one’s 39th year but not in the 35th year.  In this case the relocation from his birth place causes the angles to shift four years before his 39th year.  This pattern generally relates to a redirection of one’s life, or one’s death.  In some cases, this angular reestablishment does not mean big changes in life — an opportunity wasted.

Tightly angular is n/Jupiter at the Desc., n/N.Node-t/Mercury at the IC, n/Uranus at the MC —- all in addition to the angular realignment.   t/Mercury at the IC; a new jump-spectacular is in the offing.  (For Eval, Mercury almost always is his “motorcycle jumping” symbol.  Conjoining the n/N.Node, this suggests a major attempt to reach out to others (associates, fans).   n/Uranus at the MC; his individuality (also known as his reputation) is a key part of his plans for this year.  He needs another big show to impress the public. n/Jupiter at the Desc.; he is planning a big opportunity for others to enjoy.  Let us look at his chart for the day of his jump attempt.

Eval PDA 9-08-1974-J












Almost a year passed since his previous Solar Return, during which time two rockets were designed, built and tested — and failed.  For his third rocket Eval added a parachute to permit a failed jump to let the rocked (and himself) down somewhat gently.  On Sept. 8th, 1974 Eval fired off his rocket.  Unfortunately it went up but not outward, the parachute deployed to early and he and his rocket floated downward, drifting back to the foot of the cliff from where he was launched.  Fortunately the rocked landed at the river bank and not in the water.  Eval was safe.  Let us look at his chart for that date.

t/Mercury-t/Mars-t/Pluto group around the Ascendant; a highly dramatic event involving jumping will be attempted.  t/Mars conjoining n/Mars points to the amount of energy and personal presence that Eval poured into this event.  Not n/Mercury square n/Pluto — creating a doubling-up of the Mercury-Pluto pairing. This combination provides great concentration, a quick response capability, the ability to persuade and impress others.

We don’t see Moon, Venus or Jupiter angular in this chart — indicators of success.  t/Sun is in the 12th.  n/Sun is contacted by t/Uranus in this period, only suggesting that he wanted recognition.

The points to take from these charts is that doubled-up planetary pairs really tell us much about the events of the day.  Part of this doubled-up pairing has to be angular.  We can also see that some leeway has to be given to “angularity.”   From this example it would seem that 3 or 4 degrees is applicable.  Generally I like to see a limit of 2 to 3 degrees, but that is not always the case.









































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