Pope Francis; In A Brave New World, Part One.

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The Pope had a world-wide survey conducted in 2013 to determine the interests and issues most important to Catholics.  As a result of that survey a Family Issues Synod has been convened in Rome attended by various levels of clergy and lay people.  A wide range of highly controversial subjects will be addressed.  The topics, the nature of discussion, and any resulting changes will likely mean great changes within the Church of Rome over the coming years.

As of Friday, October 10th, 2014 two astrological cycles have converged to emphasize the changes initiated by this Pope.  This posting will examine his 2013 p.c. Solar Return chart and Progressed Daily Angles chart.  The next posting will examine his t/Moon-n/Sun Return and diurnally advanced chart.

Francis SR 2013-J











The Popes p.c. 2013 Solar Return (Dec. 18, 2013) is located for Rome Italy.

  • Most notable is n/Asc. at sr/IC. ‘Personal Prediction’ notes “Life will take a new turn this year, offering changed conditions to which you will have to adapt to.  \Plans and projects are either started earlier than expected or delayed.  Others will be available to help or need to have their issues considered.”  This is fully appropriate to this Synod’s purpose. Any discussion will raise an issue to a level that cannot be ignored, but which must be addressed in some way.
  • n/Mars and t/Mars bracket the IC. Mars represents the “presence” of the Pope in terms of him being the force that has initiated this moment in time.  With n/Mars in the relocated-to-Rome natal first house, we find an activist personality.  The advancing IC angle has contacted t/Mars this past week, activating the expectations and spirit of the Synod.  t/Mars-n/Asc. opposite t/Uranus-MC indicates the radical nature of this highly public joint gathering.
  • n/Pluto-Asc. opposed t/Venus-Desc. This combination indicates that the heart and love of his Church will be subjected to fundamental and irrevocable change which he has instituted.  We must take this chart, this period, these actions very seriously.

If we play astrological hopscotch with n/Pluto, we find t/Pluto opposite t/Moon.  Both Moon and Sun play the role of triggers in these cyclic charts.  The public (Moon) is fully geared up (opposition) to deal with possible widespread social change (Pluto).  Given that the sr/Asc. conjoins n/Pluto and the n/Asc. is at the sr/IC angle, there is no mistake about a basic new force of change being let loose within the Church.

The Progressed Daily Angles Chart for Oct. 10th, 2014 is shown below.

Francis PDA 10-10-2014-J













In the 9½ months since his Solar Return, the angles have advanced and have just about returned to their Solar Return position.  The theme of the Solar Return is about to be fulfilled at this cyclic point.  Consequently, we find n/Pluto again at the Asc. angle and n/Asc. again at the IC angle.  Let us look at the differences.

  • t/Venus-IC opposite t/Uranus-MC; the harmony of the Church and its representatives will be highlighted. Can t/Uranus define the individuality of this collective moment?  Or will individual biases created conflict?
  • t/Sun in the 4th conjoins t/N.Node-n/Mars; The Sun represents the guiding spirit of the Pope, united with his wide-audience associates comprising the Synod membership. His will and intent (Sun) and forceful presence and commitment (Mars) will cause discussion, resolve, actions to be considered.

What is likely to happen in the next few days?  t/Mars will overtake n/N.Node, energizing the t/N.Node-n/Mars pattern just discussed.  Over this weekend, t/Sun will contact n/Mars, adding the Pope’s personal energy to the force of discussion.  t/Moon is in opposition to t/Saturn (a classical family issues pattern) indicating that resolution of some issues just has to be accomplished.  Anything less will wreck the Church.  Anything more will also change the Church.  Wreckage or change — which is preferable?  The Pope has launched his Church into a brave new world.

In the next posting I will use t/Moon-to-n/Sun Returns to examine this same date.

Given the nature of this event, an event not covered by the news in the U.S., astrologers have a major new development to track in this highly active papal administration.  This writer is not Catholic but I do recognize the magnitude of what this Pope is doing.  Dave



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