Pope Francis; Some Cardinals Rebel

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Tuesday, Oct. 14, 2014: Cardinals offer a Conservative push back against a conciliatory statement yesterday in which questions were offered asking about accepting the gay community in a more open way. Let me quote CNN’s John Sutter, “The current middle ground — with church leaders saying “homosexuals have gifts and qualities to offer the Christian community,” but not fully embracing them as equal humans in the church and under the law — is unsustainable and dangerous.”  This illustrates the perilous issues being raised by the Synod on Family Issues.  How can the Church move forward?  Should it hold its position on issues which are costing it in terms of membership and support?

Let us look at a t/Moon-opposite-n/Sun Cyclic chart for Pope Francis.
















Two notable patterns are immediate seen in this chart; t/PoF-MC opposite n/Pluto and n/Pof-Desc conjoined by t/Saturn.  A doubled-up PoF is a sure sign of chaos and problems not resolvable at this moment.  Lets look at each angular pattern.  t/PoF-MC opposite n/Pluto clearly defines the Pope’s intent to change the direction of the Church, while the n/Pluto defines a recognized power struggle in terms of him knowing the ramifications of what the Synod has to face.  The t/Saturn at the Desc. angle conjoining his n/PoF denotes his calculated plan to explore change for the greater church body.   From the t/MC-opp-n/Pluto pattern we can astrologically hopscotch over to n/MC opposite t/Pluto — a doubled up Pluto, a doubled up MC.  There is a huge, can I say “HUGE” power struggle going on.

All of this fits with the nature of t/Moon in the 2nd opposing n/Moon in the 8th.  The “theme” for this placement is “Managing investments brings conflicts if one strays from areas of expertise.  Confidence to be shown in the face of competition.  Emotions to be kept in check.  Others may show stress, you have to show assuredness. Drawing upon own resources.  Managing your public face.  Conflict in/over values.”  In this case “managing investments” refers to the Church’s established and developed doctrine.  The Pope is playing a long-term and careful game.  Various constituencies within the Church will have their say, their vote, but not necessarily their way in the end.

Let us now move to today, Oct. 14, the date the rebuke by some Cardinals to the statements of yesterday was made.
















t/Saturn-Desc. conjoins n/PoF;  a conservative plan reacts to change.  n/Pluto remains near the IC angle without company from another planet.  Note that t/PoF (a ‘trigger’) conjoins n/Venus-n/Moon.  The natal chart pattern of Moon-Venus square Uranus points to a love of the people as a defining part of Francis’ identity.  Other non-angular triggers would be the t/Moon and t/Sun; t/Moon conjoins n/MC (invoking a public platform) and t/Venus-t/Sun-t/N.Node conjoining n/Mars; his core focus (Sun) of loving (Venus) people (N.Node)  provides him with a sense of strong presence and confidence (n/Mars).  So, the charts reflect the reality.  Isn’t that nice?

t/Moon-to-n/Sun Cyclic charts reflect the attempts to maintain or restore balance in our life when life brings change.  These charts build upon the strongest astrological foundations we have.  Permit me to quote Dane Rudhyar, from his “A New Type of Lunation Guidance” available on-line at the Rudhyar Archival Project.

“Life is an interplay between two polarities or forces.  One releases energy (light, heat and other less-known types of radiations); it is the Sun.  The other distributes this solar energy wherever it is needed to meet the demands of a living organism striving to maintain, reproduce and expand or transform itself in its earthly environment; it is the Moon.  The Moon alters its counternace, symbolically speaking, because the needs of the organism constantly change.  The organism has not only to face ever-renewed challenges in its environment or outer life; it also must grow from within, unfold its powers and faculties, mature — and eventually decay.”

It is useful to refresh our mind and recollection of the basic forces that seem to empower our astrological practices and the magic of our charts.  These types of charts are so easy to use and so wonderfully descriptive of one’s life, within the context of that life, that they bring constant amazement to me.  I hope each of you enjoy them as much as I do.  Dave.




























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