Pope Francis’ Synod; No Consensus, Lots of Discontent

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All parties to the Synod on Family Issues had their own views as to what should result from the two-week conference.  Unfortunately, no two attendees had the same views.  Even more unfortunate was no two could agree to a middle ground on any issue.  For every hopeful interim statement there was a chorus of dissenting views.

The Synod has ended, the follow-up Synod will convene next October with the Pope wishing that thoughtful introspection will bring more consensus building towards a more positive outcome.  Yeah.  Good luck with that.  The weight of history, the course of conservatism and the fear of change is preventing open discussion from leading to a more positive solution or manner of dealing with modern life.  If the Church cannot change the course of modern life, and if modern life cannot change the Church, then the two must separate.  Let us look at a progressed daily angles chart for Oct. 18th, 2014 derived from the 2013 Solar Return.

Francis PDA 10-18-2014-J












This chart is produced using RIYAL software which permits the daily chart’s angles to orient the chart with transits on the outside, natal planets re-orientated within the inner wheel.  To understand the Pope’s reaction to this week’s results, note the following:

  • n/Venus opposed to the Asc., t/Venus opposed to the MC; This doubled up pairing shows that ‘harmony’ with others is difficult to achieve, that a new start for the goals and future of the Church is difficult to achieve.
  • t/Sun opposed to the MC; a new start seems unlikely even though this is often a pattern for change and new developments.
  • t/Mars conjoins n/Sun-n/N.Node while n/Mars is conjoined by t/N.Node and t/Mercury.  Another doubled-up pattern where ideals and core beliefs (Sun) is attacked-discussed (Mars) while one’s established presence/stance (n/Mars) is subject to discussion by associates (Mercury, N.Node).

The chart reflects the reality but does not provide solutions.  Dave

Added comments: I had finished this post very late last evening and didn’t feel that I had made all of the observations that I might have had in mind.  In my view, the Pope might be feeling a bit disappointed in the Synod group for not being able to come to some sort of consensus as a start to continuing exploration of how to bring the modern world and the timeless Church together — or at least closer.  It was in that vein of thought that I noted the planets as “being in opposition to the Asc. or to the MC points.”  When one has to consider Venus as not relating to love or balancing, etc., but has not being able to reach out to another or achieve a balance, then I thought that casting Venus as being in an OPPOSITION pattern would emphasize that.

Now, it may be that Pope Francis, being familiar with Church politics, is quite aware that a Synod of Family Issues would initially fail, and may continue to be “less than satisfactory” for the near future.  He may be trying to accomplish a “softening of the church’s stance” in the eyes of the membership without changing the nature of the Church’s teachings.  I just thought that I would add these views.  I had expected to see stronger roles for Saturn as a symbol of conservatism and resistance to change, but that is not so.  Dave.
















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