Part One: The Murderer and The Victims

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Yosemite National Park in eastern California is a popular tourist attraction due to its natural beauty of mountains, lakes and forests.  It was within this fabulous setting in 1999 that a tragedy occurred.  A woman from nearby Santa Rosa, her daughter and a companion were abducted and murdered near the Rock Arch entrance to the park.  Two bodies were later found in a burnt-out car, the body of a young girl was found later.  Normally this might be just one more story used to illustrate some astrological chart work.  In this case a new approach will be taken.

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This blog-series will use timed charts of the murder and the victims to compare multiple views of a single event. Also, the processes used in Return charting and Cyclic charting will be done in some detail as a means of helping readers of this blog develop their own skills in this approach to Astrology.

Cary Stayner’s life started out tough.  Life stayed tough, ended tough.  Cary didn’t view himself as tough, merely a victim of circumstances.  Cary saw his younger brother kidnapped, not returning until seven years had passed when he had escaped from his abductor.  During that time his parents had mourned the loss of their younger son, leaving Cary outside of their unhappy circle.  Cary retreated into his outdoors life in the mountains of/near Yosemite National Park.  When the brother returned all attention shifted to him; books and a movie resulted.  After awhile the media attention ended.  What started of as a brotherly reunion faded into aimlessness. Cary retreated again into the great outdoors.  His brother soon drifted through life for a few years and then died in a motorcycle accident.  Cary went to live with an Uncle.  The Uncle was murdered, found by Cary.  Cary retreated to the great outdoors.

Cary’s outdoor-life included Yosemite National Park in eastern California, not far from Merced where he grew up.  He became a maintenance man for part of the Park’s facilities near the Arch Rock entrance.  It was against this magnificent wilderness backdrop where Cary did a bad thing, a very bad thing.  He became a murderer.  Before we look at his misdeeds we need to look at his chart.  What we are looking for are strong patterns that will likely activate when contacted by the angles of Return or Cyclic charts.  Both Return charts (Solar or Lunar Returns) and Cyclic charts (t/Moon-n/Sun Cycle charts) are not static charts but have their angles advance day-by-day, allowing the cycle defined by the moment of their happening to flow onward, reflecting the life of the subject.

Cary Stayner’s natal chart, relocated to Mariposa, CA (a town near the Arch Rock entrance of Yosemite) from the east coast where he was born, has a few significant factors.


·         Venus opposite the Asc. angle; one who seeks and appreciates love and reciprocal harmony for and from others.  This really isn’t strange in the heart of a murderer when you consider that what he wanted most was denied to him (from his perspective).

·         Mercury-behind-the-Sun in the 8th house;  Mercury perceives and organizes what he sees in life around him.  This isn’t a curious or creative pattern, rather a pragmatic pattern.

·         Uranus-N.Node in the 8th house; Cary is an individual, wants to be seen as an individual, is attracted to excitement and new situations involving others.  Cary became a devotee to the Big Foot legends, Big Foot being a hominide-like creature said to roam the western forests.  This bizarre ‘hobby-belief’ fits with the Uranus-N.Node pattern.

·         The one square in this chart is Part-of-Fortune square Neptune; acting upon fantasies, struggling to find meaning in delusional scenarios, acting in haste when confused.

When any of these patterns arise in a Return or Cyclic chart they will tend to bring the natal behaviors forward into their current experiences.  Let us next look at the natal chart of Carole Sund of Santa Rosa, CA.  She, along with her daughter, Julie, and a friend, Silvina Pelosso were three of the four victims of Cary Stayner.  Carole’s chart has several patterns that we can expect to find in her Return and Cyclic charts.


·         Uranus at the Asc., opposite Mars-Part-of-Fortune; Finding unpleasantness in some who have strange habits or behavior, seeking to avoid such people.  Mars-PoF indicates hasty decisions and actions. Conversely, one who enjoys thrills and surprises.  Uranus-Asc. also squares Neptune in the 4th; Attracted to thrills and excitement, the grand stage of life.  Experiencing dramatic places.

·         Mars-PoF square Sun in the 10th; One who enjoys the physical side of life, activities, involvement, challenges.

·         Mercury square Jupiter-Pluto; Typically one who persuades others, likes to talk and thing big.  But also one who finds large-scale opportunities and places to view and share with others.

In both of the above natal charts I have indicated the manner in which I view the charts relative to using them within a Return-or-Cyclic chart setting for the purpose of reviewing the flow of the subject’s life.  My purpose is not to do a depth analysis of a subject although this kind of review tells you quite a bit about the person.  The object of this review is to better understand these planetary patterns as they are likely to express themselves when subject to angular contact.

In the next posting, we will look at the actual Return or Cyclic charts of these two subjects for whom we have birth-certificate times.  I also have the birth time of Julie Sund, the daughter or Carole, who was also killed but on an unknown date.  The birth data of the fourth victim is not presently known to me.

















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