Part Two: The Murderer & Solar Return, Daily Charts

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Cary Stayner had noticed the pick-up truck before.  When he saw the girls packing up he stopped and chatted, then entered the car and killed Carole Sund, the mother, and her daughter’s friend, keeping Julie Sund alive.  He drove into the mountains, ditched the car and forced Julie Sund to walk down to a lake where he cut her throat and left her Multi-Views logo-Jbody.  Three people killed; for what purpose?  When later captured, Cary would say that he had fantasized for decades about killing women.  The opportunity, the quiet and isolated location, and the victims all came into focus for him.  Later, he torched the rental car of Carole Sund.  The car was not found for many weeks.

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In this posting I will use a precession-corrected Solar Return chart (for Aug. 14, 1998).  This chart is shown below.  There are no exactly angular planets, but there are planets in angular houses.  t/Sun conjoins n/Sun in the first house; signifying a year of intended (Sun) action (first house).  Both t/Mercury and n/Mercury closely conjoin the two Suns; suggesting a single-minded purpose to his life this year.  t/Moon squares the Sun/Mercury pairings from the 10th; Cary would struggle to manage the disquiet in his life, the unbalanced urges running through his mind.

t/Saturn in the 10th opposes n/MC in the 4th house, forming a T-square with t/Venus in the 12th.  This may be the most significant pattern in this chart.  Frustration over his goals (Saturn opp. MC) is tied to what he desires most, the killing of women.  He has thought about this for many years.  Eventually one has to either let go of a fantasy or choose to fulfill it.  t/MC opposite n/MC signifies a challenge to one’s goals, one’s status. This is clearly defined as such in my book, Personal Prediction.

Cary SR 1998-J

On Feb. 16, 1999, opportunity presented itself in the guise of three women in a quiet wooded area.  Cary struck.  The Progressed Daily Angles chart for this date is shown below.  The S/R MC of August, 1998 has moved from 25 Aries to 17 Sag in the 6 months interval.  At this point it is helpful to pull a reminder of how the “MC-Solar Cycle” (as described in my book, Personal Prediction) works.

MC-Solar Cycle diagram

We can view a chart’s circle as a wave, a sine wave to be specific.  If the Sun, for example, conjoined the S/R MC, the Sun advances 360 degrees over a 365.25 day annual period.  The MC advances some 450 degrees per year so that it matches up with the following year’s Solar Return MC position which appears to advance some 90 degrees from year to year.  360 degrees plus 90 degrees (the extra quarter-day rotation of the Earth each year) equals 450 degrees.  So, the Solar Return, after a six month interval, would not have the MC opposite its prior solar return position but would have it 180 degrees plus 45 degrees — or 225 degrees, more or less, ahead of its prior position.  Such is the case here were the Feb. 19th advanced MC is 17 Sag.

Cary PDA 2-16-1999-J

In this Progressed Daily Angles chart for Feb. 16, 1999, some six months after the Solar Return chart, we see the t/Sun opposite the n/Sun.  We also see t/Mercury conjoining the Asc. angle (the natal and transiting Mercury’s were conjoining the natal and transiting Suns in the Solar Return), a restatement of the Solar Return symbolism.   Mercury is perception, thoughts, dexterity, travel and many other common keywords known to all of us.  n/Pluto is at the Desc. angle, opposite t/Mercury. This intensifies one’s thinking, clearly making one think of himself as an ‘outsider’ or loner, amplifying the need to be in control.

There are no other angular planets.  What is angular is grouped around the action and experience axis, 1st house to 7th house.  What about ‘timing’ factors?  The t/Moon is often a good timing factor.  Here, t/Moon is six degrees above the chart Ascendant, and at the midpoint of t/Sun-t/Mercury.  Do we want to consider this angular? 

Opinion:  There are times in our astrological exploration where we don’t find exact ‘book’ configurations being evident in a chart.  This is one cast.  Another case involved the murder of Lacy Peterson by her husband Scott Peterson back in 2002.  There, the charts weren’t very ‘perfect’ but they fit the moment.  Lacy was murdered on a Monday, the day before Christmas Eve and the day after the last shopping-partying weekend before the holiday.  It was the only time, the only opportunity.  Here, on Feb. 16th, 1999, was Cary’s only opportunity, as he saw it.  Potential victims, easy to overpower victims, isolated area, no people to help or interfere.  

In coming posts we will look at this same event using other charting methods.  This series will help us all to better understand how the many cycles in our lives come together.  Dave


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