Part 5: t/Moon-to-n/Sun chart for murder victim of Cary Stayner

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Carol Sund, her daughter Juli, and Silvina Pelosso visited Yosemite National Park as part of a vacation tour that had included Disney Land. Their guest, Silvina, was a friend of Juli.  They stayed in a cabin complex near the park on the night of Feb. 15th, 1999.  Cary Stayner visited the cabin in his role of maintenance man, pulled a gun and told the women he was going to rob them.  They were told to be quiet and that no harm would come to them.  They complied.   Stayner took them and their car into the woods, strangled Carol and Silvina, and took Juli with him.  After riding around for an hour, he slashed her throat and threw her body into a ravine.  He later went back and hid the car, torched it, and returned to his regular life routine.

The t/Moon-opposite-n/Sun Return, 12th to 6th house, occurred on Feb. 7, 1999 and is shown below.
















The first step is to evaluate the house position(s) of t/Moon and n/Sun as this tells of of a “theme” for the following two-week cycle. From the book-in-progress; “Being tugged in two directions; personal needs and goals versus helping others or relating to the actions of others. Anxiety over balancing life’s issues. Two jobs, helping or mentoring a child, training others, charitable work and fund raising, making plans for one’s future. How to maintain a balance is critical.”  The sixth-twelfth house polarity seems to leave one feeling subject to strain, opposing factions and needs. What one needs, what one can give, how to balance demands, what choices to make.

Carol Sund’s n/Sun squares n/Mars, suggesting that she had prior experiences with managing the aggression of others as well as how to manage herself when challenged.  The n/Moon in a 7th house relationship to n/Sun amplifies this pattern of dealing with others. Further amplification comes from n/Sun squaring her n/Asc.; she can fight for herself, she is not afraid of confrontation.  We will see how her natal chart failed her.

In this Return chart n/Mercury is angular at the Desc. angle while n/Venus is near the IC angle.  Travel, communication and daily activities of interest and learning are on her agenda.  A pleasant agenda is looked forward to.  That’s it in terms of what this chart will tell us.  We have learned that 1) Carol will experience having to make decisions that pull her instincts in both directions, will have to judge the words and actions of others.  2)  She has dealt with relationship and confrontation issues before, is perhaps a person who is attracted to such situations and who then seeks to manage them.  3)  She is engaged in this cycle with travel, communicating, learning and having a pleasant and satisfying experience during her vacation. 
















The chart above reflects the date of her murder and the murder of her daughter Julie and friend Silvina.  Cary Seyton, after entering their cabin to fix something (as the location’s maintenance man) brandished a gun, duct-taped the three women.  It was at this point, at the compound of cabins, when the best chance of not complying with his demands might have worked out.  Given the threat, the women complied and were led out into their car to be driven to their fate.  No confrontation, just a poor decision — although a decision that can be understood.  What does the chart show?

t/Part-of-Fortune (t/PoF) conjoins the Asc., n/Saturn and squares t/Mercury:  Restrictions and hindrances drastically affect (Asc.) Carol’s person and situation.  She has trouble talking her way around a situation. With t/PoF so prominent at the Asc. angle we have to look at n/PoF which conjoins n/Mars; this blends Asc.-Saturn-PoF-Mars all together when we play astrological hopscotch — frustration, anger, chance and change, one’s personal space.  These make for a dangerous combination.

 t/Pluto in the 1st conjoins n/N.Node while t/Sun opposes n/Pluto.  We have a doubled up Pluto here, suggesting overwhelming confrontation and denial of any influence.  Pluto often bring irrevocable change as part of its expression.  Since t/Sun is involved, lets look at n/Sun which opposes t/Mars;  the self is challenged by another.  Doubled up Mars’ and Suns; a force of wills, a forceful situation.   t/Moon conjoins t/Sun, a new Moon situation; life suddenly seems to take on new qualities and values.  

We see here all of the ingredients for a stressful and dangerous situation.  Do we see murder, specifically?  No.  We do see threats. We see fast changing situations (PoF at Asc.), we see conflicts of wills (the Suns), we see stress (Plutos).  It is only when we take the context of ones life and ones situation into account that we can see murder as a possibility.  Context:  Three women on vacation by themselves.  A mostly secluded cabin complex with few people around.  A man asking for entry into their cabin at night without an established reason to be there — he never said what he was there to fix, they know of nothing wrong that needed fixing, so why not check before granting entry?  

The ability to confront, to talk their way out of a situation was controlled by their fear of the gun, by the duct tape put over their mouths and around their wrists, by their compliance.   This is about the limits of what the astrologer might be able to do in terms of prediction or of assessing the situation in hindsight.

More charts and chart types are to follow.  Dave. 









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