Part 8; Murder for Sure, Bodies Found

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It was murder, absolutely.  On March 18, 1999 a burnt out car with two bodies in the trunk was found hidden in the woods of Yosemite National Park, a couple of miles from the lodge where the Sunds were vacationing prior to disappearing.

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The police now knew that a murder had been carried out.  A few days later Julie Sund’s body was found at the bottom of a ravine.  The police still had little to go on in conducting a search for the murderer.  Possible suspects were identified and then interviewed, alibis were checked. There were no solid links to be found.  We will be using a t/Moon-opposite-n/Mars Return chart and advanced chart for this March 18, 1999 discovery.
















Most notable is t/PoF-Asc. opposite n/PoF-t/Neptune-Desc.:  Chance and change are at work here, confusion is likely and all that is discovered just adds to that confusion. Square to this pattern along the horizontal axis is t/Mars;  an angry event is uncovered.  Cary Stayner’s n/Mc and n/Neptune are in the 4th house; starting and endings are found here.  The police had a starting point in their search for a killer now that the bodies had been found.  An ending point was obvious in that the discovery led them nowhere.

t/Moon in the 9th opposite n/Mars in the 3rd might suggest, if we stretch things a bit, a far-away reaction to a local anger event.  Captured and murdered, then the bodies being hidden further away.  So, how did Stayner react to this?  He had earlier placed a wallet belonging to the victims at a shopping location where it was found.  The police followed that trail relentlessly to no avail.  Once the bodies had been found there was no use such deceptive practices.  It was time to lay low.  Cary Stayner’s Advanced chart for the date of the car’s discovery by a hiker is shown below.
















Stayner’s n/MC at the chart’s IC angle opposite t/Venus-t/Saturn at the MC is immediately evident;  His status or life-image is taking a new turn, his attempt to balance out his early childhood’s inequities (Venus-Saturn) is paramount in his mind.  Public knowledge of his ‘revenge’ has been received.  T/PoF-t/N.Node conjoins n/Merucry-n/Sun-n/Uranus in the first house;  His created chaos (the murders) achieves public recognition that is very satisfying to him.  The n/PoF conjoins t/Neptune-t/Uranus at the Desc. (as it had in the root-chart) feeding his fantasy on how others were responding to his get-even plan — even though nobody else was aware of the get-even plan.

What we see in these charts is that even when there is no action taken by the subject, that the actions and events of others relating to the subject are mirrored in the subject’s charts. Stayner was basking in the glow of the police uncovering the bodies of those he had murdered.  He was satisfied.  For awhile.  Weeks later he murdered again. 

















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