Part Nine; The Yosemite Murders Continue

Joie Ruth Armstrong

All had been quiet since later winter at the Yosemite National Park.  The bodies and car of Carol Sund, her daughter and their friend had been found, suspects brought forward for questioning, leads followed up, but no concrete information on who had actually carried out the murders.  Among those interviewed early in the investigation was Cary Stayner — he was dismissed as unlikely to be a murderer due to his own unfortunate childhood experiences.

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On July 22nd, 1999, a hunt was initiated for a young naturalist at the par, Joie Ruth Armstrong.  She was headed out to visit friends north of San Francisco.  Her truck and luggage were still at the cabin where she lived.  Several groups spread out from the cabin, one followed a stream through dense brush.  First some keys were found in the water, visible due to the sunlight glancing off of the metal.  Then, a body.  A headless body.

Cary Stayner’s  t/Moon-to-n/Mars Return occurred on July 17, 1999 and is shown below.


t/Moon-to-n/Mars in the 9th; with no other aspects, we can only see this pattern as Cary Stayner experiencing deep needs (Moon) for aggressive expression (Mars) relating to a distant place from his neighborhood (9th house).  Cary’s natal pattern, Asc. opposing Venus from the first to the seventh is realigned here in this Return chart in the first house to the seventh house.  His view of women, their value and image (whom he generally hates and wants to hurt) is being brought to the surface.   Jumping to t/Venus at the midpoint of n/N.Node-n/Neptune we might say that his attraction to the fair sex (Venus) is part of a disillusioned (Neptune) view of his associations (N.Node) with them.

Now, let us note t/Mars conjoining n/MC while opposing t/Jupiter, the n/MC being in the Return chart’s 10th house.  His expression of anger is his goal during this cycle.  t/Part of Fortune, always a potential trigger no matter its chart position, opposes n/Pluto; the excitement and challenge (chance and change as the PoF keywords) of control and devastation (Pluto) is alluring.

The chart below is for the date of the actual killing of Joie Ruth Armstrong, the lady in the photo at the top of this blog-page.


Now, this is a significant chart.  The natal angles are realigned with the Return chart angles.  Life is at a turning point.  Think about this.  If the birth chart points us along a line of potential development which we shape into our personal life-style and direction, then any reestablishment of this pattern points to a new potential, new choices and actions within a short time span.  So, let us look at those choices and actions.

t/Mars conjoins n/Neptune in the 10th;  His illusionary goals are in sight and will be acted upon.  t/Jupiter-t/PoF in the 4th  opposes t/Mars, n/MC-n/Neptune; the chance (he see it as an opporunity) to enlarge (Jupiter) his enjoyment and activities is at hand.  t/Moon squares n/N.Node; emotional needs are stirred by his associations or the people he sees and fixates upon.  It is unlikely that this latest victim was a ‘random’ choice.  Cary was in and around this area all the time.  He must have seen this buoyant young lady (26 years old) and been both attracted and repulsed by her presence as she clearly was unlike the vile pictures of women he carried in his head.

We will continue this story in a few days.  Dave.


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