Part Ten: A Mis-Guided Life Falls Apart

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Sooner or later, life changes.  Life changed for Cary Stayner in July 1999 following the murder of Jolie Armstrong at Yosemite National Park.  Cary had casually met Jolie and talked with her.  People remembered seeing him and his truck.  Cary became a “person of interest.”  

His backpack and truck were searched.  He was told to not leave the area following a period of intense questioning.  On, Saturday, July 23, 1999
after searching his apartment they believed they had enough evidence to charge him with the murder.  Cary was nowhere to be found.  Information led them to a Multi-Views logo-Jnudist camp that he frequented where he was found and arrested.

In some cases, a t/Moon to/opposite n/Saturn return is appropriate to use as an arrest chart; n/Saturn representing one’s sense of limitation, restriction, facing of responsibility.  The t/Moon (in this combination) representing worry, emotional reaction or release, vulnerability to external changes.  Cary Stayner’s t/Moon-opposite-n/Saturn Return occurred on July 13, 1999 and is shown below.


t/Moon-opp-n/Saturn, 2nd to 8th house, involves his personal prestige versus his responsibilities to others as a theme.  What makes this interesting is that this time also marks a new moon environment–a changing, developing experience relative to his social responsibilities to others (the 8th house).

Even more notable in this chart is t/Part of Fortune at the Ascendant; everything is likely to change within the theme-meaning of the chart.  “Change” is also represented by the IC of any chart — the end or the start of a situation.  We find t/Venus conjoining n/N.Node; a time to balance one’s relationships or associations with others.

Now, we can play astrological hopscotch and jump around to other similar patterns in the chart.  Because of t/PoF at the Asc., we should note the n/Asc. in the 7th house opposite n/Venus.  How Stayner relates to others is an issue in this chart, in this cycle.  Because the IC is involved we can jump to the natal IC-MC axis which has t/Mars at the MC opposite t/Jupiter at the n/IC.  This is an example of Jupiter’s association with legal matters, the processes of society in play.  Mars energizes this axis, in terms of actions against his goals and aims in life (t/Mars conj. n/MC) and actions taken in terms of legal or court considerations.  The chart mirrors the situation.

It should be noted that a t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return for the 14th of July would have the same planet patterns but does not show significant angular activity beyond the t/MC approaching n/Asc.  In other words, this cycle is not so much about balancing one’s life in the midst of external influences.  The chart presented below is an Advanced chart for July 23, 1999, a date several days after the t/Moon-opp-n/Saturn chart when Cary was questioned and his back pack and truck searched.  He was now a person of interest.  Cary was told to not leave the area.  The following morning, Cary was not to be found.  His apartment was searched, a warrant issued.  He was picked up at a nearby nudist park that he frequented and charged with Joie Armstrong’s murder.  An arraignment followed.

The advanced chart for July 23rd, 1999 is shown below.


t/PoF has conjoined t/Mars opposite t/Jupiter and conjoining n/MC-n/Neptune; Chance and change (PoF) has brought action against his life interests.  The upsets ‘promised’ in the Return chart have now been activated.  t/Venus-n/Pluto (Cary has to transform his view of love and relatedness to others) in an almost sudden fashion.  Let us follow this series of events just a bit further.

Following his arraignment he gave an interview to a local TV station.  This was on Monday, the 25th of July, 1999. An Advanced chart for this date is shown below.


t/Sun-t/Mercury oppose t/Neptune-n/Jupiter.  Speaking one’s mind in an unreal situation involving a wide social circle is one of several ways this pattern can be viewed.  In this interview Cary Stayner confessed to not only killing Joie Armstrong but also the February killings of Carol Sund, her daughter and her friend.  A shocking interview.  The t/Venus-n/Pluto pattern is fulfilled or expressed.  The t/Mars-t/Jupiter-conjoining-n/MC and n/Neptune is fulfilled.  The t/Sun-t/Mercury-opposite t/Neptune (a doubling up pattern) and opposist n/Jupiter (another doubling up pattern) is fulfilled.  Again, the chart mirrors the situation.

As always, we as astrologers, have to ask ourselves, “With all of these examples, could we project the likely developments in a client’s life if we understood the context of their life, the flow of events?”  This is the key point in cyclic charting; the fitting of the chart’s patterns into the personal life of the subject.  We are not talking an overview of developments in a subject’s life such as would be seen in a progressed natal chart.  We are talking about one view through one planet-pairings perspective, into one day in a life.

This is a different form of astrology.  It may be difficult to make the shift from generalities to close-up-and-personal astrology.  Are we up to it?  Dave









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