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Part Five: Snow White Finally Makes Her Premier

Walt Disney was a driven man.  Every facet of story development, animation, character appearance, dialog, and music was reviewed, changed and changed again.  More artists were added to the staff, more inkers and colorers were needed as Walt insisted on … Continue reading

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Part Four: Walt Disney & The Birth Of Snow White

Before I begin this posting it is appropriate to note a couple of situations that have delayed this posting. Over the past weekend a number of computer problems occurred; the loss of my browser (Google Chrome), a botched up back-up … Continue reading

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Part Three: Walt’s Special Camera

Walt Disney, after the release and great success of Steamboat Willie, was driven to immediately seek advancement in the making of cartoons.  Steamboat Willie was a two-dimensional cartoon.  To make cartoon’s more appealing, Walt wanted them to be more like … Continue reading

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Part Two: A Short Technical Comparison

The example of Steamboat Willie will continue to serve our exploration of some other methods of charting which have interested me.   This blog posting will be short and in a day or so I’ll move on to more interesting … Continue reading

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Part One: Walt Disney & Steamboat Willie, his first talking cartoon.

(Edited Jan 13th, 2015 to add a U-Tube video link — Dave)  In this blog-posting we have to travel back in time, almost a century ago.  Imagine Hollywood producing silent movies.  Grainy black and white films shown in a theater … Continue reading

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Part Twelve: A Very Bad Day, A Lunar Return

We all have a “bad day” now and then when one or more situations go all wrong for us.  Such a situation becomes our focal point and seems to displace all of the other small facets of daily life that … Continue reading

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Part Eleven: The Beginning Of The End For Cary Stayner

In the many weeks and months following his being charged with the murders of four women at Yosemite National Park, Stayner underwent a series of legal situations common in these cases; motions to delay or to change the venue, motions … Continue reading

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