Part Twelve: A Very Bad Day, A Lunar Return

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We all have a “bad day” now and then when one or more situations go all wrong for us.  Such a situation becomes our focal point and seems to displace all of the other small facets of daily life that we might otherwise enjoy.  In October of 2002, nothing was likely to be good news for Cary Stayner; he had been moving through the trial process for the murder of four women in 1999.  In October, he would be facing the consequences of those murders; the jury would make a recommendation to the judge relating to his sentencing.

If we were to place ourselves within his life, his expectations, his thoughts and emotional state, how might we view this time in his life?  The logic of the process would be understandable.  Feelings Multi-Views logo-Jand emotions might be another thing. 

In this posting I will utilize a precession-corrected Lunar Return to review Stayner’s situation.  Lunar Returns are treated differently than the t/Moon-to-n/Sun Returns and t/Moon-to-other-planet Returns that we have explored in previous posts.  Lunar Returns are all about feelings, emotions, reactions to what the world around us seems to impose upon us, the changes that have a direct impact on our life and which we typically respond to.   Accordingly the t/Moon in the Return and in the Advanced charts will play the key interpretive role.  The t/Sun typically represents our intended direction in life or the manner in which our life is being impacted by events.  We will explore the phase relationship of the Moon to the Sun in these charts as well.

The Lunar Return prior to the jury’s recommendation occurred on Oct. 4, 2002.

















The Lunar Moon Return is located in the 8th house, a place classically linked to “sex, death and taxes.”  It is not often that a Lunar Return is so blatant in its statement.  The difference in degree positioning is due to both ’rounding off’ of the degree-minutes to just degrees and to the small adjustment due to precession correction.  We can note the ‘conjoining’ of t/Moon to t/Mars — a conjunction because the Moon will travel the 4 degrees of separation within this day.   Rage, anger, emotions; all difficult to express when in custody.  These feelings will largely be internalized.   A square to t/Pluto will certainly intensify Stayner’s feeling during this period.  t/Sun is also in the 8th house, another blatant statement.  We cannot always expect this form of clarity from our Lunar Returns, although at one time (many decades ago) I used to explicitly use only Lunar Returns because I then felt they were so clear in their meaning.

We might also note that n/Jupiter-n/Saturn bracket the L/R Ascendant.  This pair represents the “business of one’s life.”  Clearly his ‘business’ was bad, is over, and has to be answered for.  Note also t/Neptune conjoining the n/PoF suggesting that a cloud of uncertainty, un-realism, and mental separation from the process that he was subjected to might be how he dealt with life on a moment to moment basis.  If the PoF is to be taken as a key player in this chart then we have to note n/PoF conjoining the n/Ascendant in the 12th house; literally a prison or institution, being locked away, and feeling a total lack of control and self-direction.

The next chart is advanced to Oct. 9th, the day of the Jury’s recommendation for the death sentence.  This chart has been advanced using the diurnal method of advancing the Lunar Return chart’s date while keeping the chart’s time the same.


















This diurnally advanced Lunar Return to Oct. 9, 2002 is for the day Cary Stayner stood in front of a jury of his peers and heard them, in effect, condemn his actions through their statement that he should received the death penalty.  Given his adult-life preoccupation of ‘hurting women’ due to the difficult life he had as a child (did he really believe that?), this had to be expected and accepted.  Yet, on an emotional level, this had to be a terrible day among many terrible days.  The t/Moon was in the 10th house, one’s ‘life status and direction.’   t/Moon squared n/Chiron — the often noted ‘wounded healer’ (an indication of how and where one has felt to be deeply hurt or vulnerable).   t/Moon is also squaring n/Pluto on this day, surely seen as a karmic situation (given the opposition to Chiron) that has to be faced.  t/Chiron opposes n/Venus, as well, signifying both the hurt he imposed on others as well as a rejection of the love he was given.  These patterns form a twisted story line that some will want to study in more depth.   Note also that the chart’s Asc. is at the midpoint of the two Chiron’s.   And, t/Neptune remains conjunct to n/PoF and the Asc. angle — while also squaring its natal position.   And, finally, we have t/Mars coming up on n/Mars in the 8th house.  Internal and external anger being expressed.

All in all, this is a powerful Lunar Return relative to the events being portrayed.










































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