Part Four: Walt Disney & The Birth Of Snow White

Snow White photo-1

Before I begin this posting it is appropriate to note a couple of situations that have delayed this posting. Over the past weekend a number of computer problems occurred; the loss of my browser (Google Chrome), a botched up back-up system with a new external hard drive (due to my not first reading the instruction manual), the loss of a weeks work relating to the last chapter of my almost-completed new book (due to the back-up process and a mental error in not doing a second back up of the book files) and the upgrading of my photo software (which I do not yet fully understand).  All of this has led to delays in not only producing this blog but in being able to introduce an enhanced blog design.  

Walt Disney had been researching and collecting the rights to several major fairy tales, stories and book rights.  Snow White was one that fascinated him.  With the success of his new multi-plane camera and the reception that the Old Mill received (it was a trial run of the new three-dimensional approach to cartoons), Walt was eager to proceed with the production of Snow White.  This would require a much larger staff of storyboard artists, ink-drawers, color applicators, and camera crews.  It would also require two other factors:  a great deal of money and a highly capable distribution network.  Walt was thinking big.   Walt’s brother Roy was the money-man, and the bankers of Wall Street were his target.  The very best and largest distributor was RKO, a powerhouse name in the film industry at that time.

In order to convince RKO to commit to a contract as well as part of the funding, something had to be shown that would convince them of the project’s value.  The Disney crew had extensively story-boarded the Snow White story.  This would change constantly over the coming months — Walt was a very picky and demanding person  Note his relocated Ascendant at the cusp of Leo and Virgo.  Several ‘cells’ were prepared for the RKO executives to preview.  Cells are the transparent film sheets upon which background, foreground and characters are drawn and colored so that they can become individual frames of the movie.  Each set of several Cells makes up a single film-frame.  Walts precession corrected 1936 Solar Return is shown below, covering much of the development-production period of the Snow White movie.

Walt SR 1936-J

There are only a few factors that shape the meaning of this Solar Return.  The primary factor is the angular realignment of the natal angles to the Solar Return’s angles.  n/MC at s/MC, n/Asc. at s/Asc. Whenever angles realign we have to expect some level of ‘re-birth’ (or death, in some cases).  A new phase of life is indicated.  Normally this occurs at age 39 if one remains in or near their birth locality.  Walt had moved from Chicago to Hollywood; this changed his chart and the timing of his angular realignment.

In astrology, endings and new starts are signified by the IC angle.  Here, we find n/N.Node at the IC; suggesting that associates would be a major part of this new phase in Walt’s life.

A third factor, now actually shown in this chart, but present in every Solar Return and Progressed Daily angles chart is the CD point.  The CD is a point near the Descendant side of the chart which is located at an arc-distance from the MC which is equal to the arc-distance between the Asc. and MC.  This CD point, in effect, makes the MC a midpoint of the Asc. and CD.  In this chart the CD is at 12 Aquarius — a point squaring the n/N.Node.  From this we can state that the many associates that will help Walt in this major new endeavor will also cause him a lot of conflict, delay and intrusion into his plans and schedule.  For something like the first full-length feature animated three-dimensional cartoon, how could it be other wise?

So, now, the birth of Snow White.  The chart below is the Solar Return’s progressed daily angles chart for Jan. 4, 1937 — a month after the 1936 Solar Return.  In that time the MC had travelled from 17 Taurus to 26 Gemini, a distance of 39 degrees in 30 days.  This is close to the average value of 1.25 degrees per day — a value that is modified by the lesser-greater period of time between successive Solar Returns and the application of the Equation of Time value (plus or minus x number of minutes applied to the chart time).  All of these variations and the calculations are taken care of automatically by the free to download and free to use RIYAL software.  RIYAL’s use and configuration is addressed in the menu “calculations” at the blog-header.  

Walt PDA 1-04-1937 cells SW-J

In this chart for the date that the first four Cells for the Snow White cartoon were created and shown to the RKO executives we find several notable features.

n/Neptune at the MC; Walt’s natural imagination and fantasy-views are at play guiding this project. The opposition to t/N.Node at the IC (remember that the n/N.Node was at the IC of the Solar Return) shows that all of the associates of that day are affected by the imaginative presentation of Snow While.  It was easy for all to relate to this charming young lady, a princess in a fairy tale setting.

In the first house, note t/Moon-n/Moon square t/Jupiter-t/Sun-n/Mars-n/Saturn-n/Jupiter.  This complex pattern points to the emotional intensity of this day.  All involved were affected in various ways and for various reasons.  The employees of the Disney Studio were looking forward to paychecks, affirmation of their past efforts to create this new project, and the creative work that would come.  Walt was eager to actualize this dream of a full length, dimensional cartoon movie.  The financial and distribution backers were excited by something new that had proven itself earlier and would likely make them money in the future.

It is not to late to take note of some features of Walt’s natal chart.  n/Sun-Uranus opposite n/Pluto:  a pattern suggesting a craving for power and achievement, fanaticism, creating something new while destroying what used to be.  As Walt himself had indicated in his staff meetings, there was no going back to the old flat-figured cartoons represented by Steamboat Willie.  What had been tantalizingly offered in the Old Mill short cartoon with moving background, shaded figures suggesting roundness, all of this was what the future demanded.  Walt was building a new industry, a new form of entertainment.  n/Mercury squares the n/Asc. and opposes the n/MC; ideas flood out of his mind, inspiring this goals and goading him to take action.  We may see in future posting how this abundance of ideas actually caused him to often be distracted, wasting time and energy for himself and the studio.  But, that’s another story for another time.  Dave












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