Part Five: Snow White Finally Makes Her Premier

Snow White Photo-2

Walt Disney was a driven man.  Every facet of story development, animation, character appearance, dialog, and music was reviewed, changed and changed again.  More artists were added to the staff, more inkers and colorers were needed as Walt insisted on greater detail to make the movie more “real” in terms of three dimensions and movement.

The budget was busted, the movie’s cost hit 1.5 million dollars, an unbelievable amount for a cartoon, never mind a real movie.  The staff was overworked.  All the while, preparations were going on for Bambi, Pinocchio and a new Disney Studio.  In the midst of all of this, Walt and Roy were looking to purchase a house for their parents.  Oh, yes, let’s not forget that Walt was supposed to be enjoying a home life as well.  It was a busy time,  Even promotional materials had to be designed and produced.

Snow White was a Grimm’s Fairy Tale about a very young Princess who lived in a castle with the Queen, a very vain Queen who considered herself the fairest in the land.  The Queen had a mirror which she consulted daily, a magic mirror which confirmed her beauty whenever asked.  As Snow White aged the time came when her fresh beauty surpassed that of the Queen, and so the story of Snow Whites planned murder, escape into the forest, and the discovery of the seven dwarfs all emerged.  We will review the 1937 Solar Return of Walt Disney that occurred just weeks before the movies premier in Los Angeles.

Walt SR 1936-J

This precession corrected Solar Return chart for 1937 (Dec. 5, 1937) is located for Los Angeles, CA. Notable is the natal MC in the 10th house, the natal Asc. in the 1st house.  The realignment of natal angles in a Solar Return chart heralds a dramatic new year in which one is essentially reborn, re-dedicated to a way of life and work.  Sometimes this realignment (which comes normally at age 39 unless one moves to another location) can mark one’s year of death.

So, the realignment of the natal angles heralds a great new year for Walt.  The natal N.Node is at the IC; Walt wishes to make a new public image, a new form of entertainment that will set trends for the movie industry.  There will be no going back to the simple, flat cartoon types such as Steamboat Willie.  There are no other angular factors in this chart.  Sometimes that is all there is; one or two things to hang a year-long assessment on.  Let us now view the chart for Snow White’s premier showing.

Walt PDA 12-21-1937 prSW-J

In the short number of weeks since the Solar Return, the chart’s angles have advanced, bringing the n/Asc. to the MC; Walt’s work will speak for itself to the public.  The n/MC has come to the Desc.; others will view and judge his professional efforts and public image.

n/Mercury on the Asc.; his form of communication with the public is to be a personal one.  t/Mars at the IC; his creative efforts and energy are about to launch a new entertainment standard.  Since n/Mercury is on the Ascendant, we have to look at transiting Mercury.  t/Mercury conjoins n/Jupiter-n/Saturn; Walt is articulating his ‘business of life’ pattern, n/Jupiter-n/Saturn.  Everything in his professional life is on the line with this first-ever feature-length cartoon, offered to the public in the middle of the Great Depression.

Again, there are only a few factors to consider in this type of chart.  But, using them, who could say otherwise; that Walt was not introducing a novel movie, that this was a turning point in his life (he would be successful or he would be broke and the course of history would not change at this time relative to cartoon movies.

When using these charting methods, one has to realize that only so many natal or transiting planets are available to come to the angles of the chart — a chart wit 360 variations.  Nine planets plus four angles equals, doubled to account for both natal and transiting components, produces 26 items, or about 14 degrees for each astrological item.  On average, one would expect to see a planet at an angle once every two weeks.  When we allow orbs of influence, we might expect to see something approaching or near an angle every several/few days.  We tell our story, and make our observations based on these lean findings.  We do it within the context of the personals life, goals and activities.   What is amazing is that we seem to experience events when planets are at angles, as if the chart were a bus-timetable that carried us through life to where we wanted to go — but only at certain times and dates.   Dave.

PS, we will jump to other events in Walt’s life in just a few days.


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