Part Six: Snow White Makes Her World Appearance


The age-old theme of good-versus-evil, of innocence restored, of living happily ever after blended with the then (for the 1930’s) amazing color animation with three-dimensional depth effects cartoon feature-length movie.  On Feb. 4, 1938, Walt Disney’s Snow White was released for general distribution.  An instant hit, this cartoon movie set records for just about every category.  As a small child, perhaps 5 or 6 years of age, I was taken by my parents to see it a couple of years after its initial release.  To the left is shown the scariest (for me) scene from that film where the evil Queen, disguised as an old lady, visits Snow White’s home with the Seven Dwarfs deep in the forest.  Snow White is given a poisoned apple.  To this day I remember my fear that she would bite into that apple — and, then, she did.  In this next series of blogs I will shift over to the use of t/Moon-to-n/Sun Returns — as the blog-site header suggests.


This t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return chart may strike some as being “strange” and, perhaps, not really fitting to the topic.  First of all, this is a ninth-house return representing a great adventure bringing something new, ‘foreign’ to the viewer.  Angular chart activity is noted by the n/Part of Fortune (n/PoF) conjoining n/Neptune and t/Chiron (in broad opposition to n/Chiron); A new start for Walt’s imagination, upon which his whole life’s purpose is dedicated to, will bring a heart-felt story of pain and discomfort being overcome — all packaged in the guise of a young girl seemingly at the mercy of a cruel world.  One can’t help but feeling that the seven dwarfs are part of the ‘Chiron’ theme in their support and help to overcome the pain of the Queen and the pain she brought upon Snow White.  t/Mars-t/Saturn at the Asc. (inside wheel for transits) points to the cruelty that drove the story line.  Note also that n/Neptune and t/Neptune (at the Desc. angle) provide a ‘doubled up’ emphasis to this chart.  Ideals will win out.  Because n/PoF is angular and associated with the doubled-up Neptune, we need to look at t/PoF which we find conjoining t/Venus-t/Sun and conjoing also n/Venus.  A happy future is promised, both for the story-line of the movie and for the fortunes of the Disney Studio.  Now, let us look at the release date for this movie.


On this release date we find t/Moon-n/Mars-n/Saturn on the Asc. in full opposition to n/Moon at the Desc. angle.  t/PoF conjoins Walt’s n/MC and opposes n/Mercury while square to n/Asc.  There is a complex astrological story at work here.  Snow White, as a movie production, was the end result of many months of frantic production, multiple edits by Walt (note his Ascendant on the cusp of picky-picky Virgo as it leaves Leo).  It was almost to the point that the last artistic cells (clear sheets with painted images prepared for making one movie-strip frame for the camera) were being completed a week earlier than the release date.  The exhausted crew must have been happy to see that task completed.  Months later they all received tremendous bonuses, as the film was highly successful at the box office.  This hard work is mirrored in the Mars-Saturn pairing.  The t/PoF at the n/MC, opposite n/Mercury, speaks for itself.  We can note t/Mercury coming up upon n/Venus with t/Venus squaring the nodal axis — communicating with others in a new way.

With these cyclic charts, we emphasize the Moon-Sun house position to set a theme, the angles to show us the more powerful storyline that has to fit that theme, then we fold in any doubled-up planets (there always seems to be some).  t/PoF, t/Moon and t/Sun are also used as indicators of daily actions that have to be accounted for.




























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