Part One: The Attack on Charlie Hebdo Magazine

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Early in January the world was shocked by events in Paris, France.  Two terrorists entered the offices of Charlie Hebdo, a satirical magazine, and killed 11 while wounding 11 others.  They had previously gone to a wrong address before finding the correct location, a careless mistake that was unlike the precise execution of key people, one after the other, at the magazine’s conference room.  A few managed to hind under furniture, surviving to tell the police and the world of this incredible social outrage.

In this posting I will examine the t/Moon-opposite-n/Sun Return chart for the younger of the two gunmen, brothers, who carried out this atrocity.  The gunmen were identified by an ID card left in the initial get-away car, a Citroen C3.  Cherif Kouachi, brother to Said Kouachi, had a Return on Jan. 2, 2015.  


t/Moon opposes n/Sun in the 11th house. The book theme for this position, nuanced to reflect the extreme nature of this event, notes “Involvement in community projects affecting others, representing ideas of a group.  Acting contrary to what is expected.  Unease between personal and public life, conflicts.”  This mirrors the events of this cycle.

t/Sun at Asc.; one intent and wilfulness will shape events.  The square to the t/N.Node points to efforts that conflict with normal relationships, while the square to t/Uranus indicates suddenness and surprise in how one acts.  We might note n/MC late in the 3rd house opposing n/Saturn, an imprint of a tough family upbringing and learning the life had to be a struggle — mirroring the immigration of the parents from Algeria and the difficulties of trying to assimilate within French society for Muslims.  This leads us to play astrological hopscotch and jump over to t/Saturn contacting n/Uranus-n/Sun.  This is a “breakout from the status-quo” pattern.  When we add in t/Moon-t/PoF to the t/Saturn-n/Uranus-n/Sun combination we have indications of rage and sudden actions.   This is a chart waiting for a trigger.  Let us now examine the date that the brothers attacked Charlie Hebdo magazine.


Since the Return charts advance about one degree each day, the t/Sun remains within the house of the Return chart, here, in the first house.  t/Pluto-Asc. draws our immediate attention for this date, Jan. 7, 2015 when they attacked.  n/Saturn-n/Pluto is in the 9th, the house relating to how others receive news and magazine information.  This natal imprint is an uncomfortable one which these brothers had not been able to blend well into a more socially balanced life.  With the earlier-mentioned position of the Sun in the first, we have to not that t/Moon-t/PoF remain closely linked during this cycle, opposing t/Mercury-t/Venus and n/PoF.  Opposing-squaring Part-of-Fortunes are associated with chaos and upsets — always, it seems.

Given the limited number of symbol-combinations we have in our charts, and the seemingly unlimited things that humans can do, think, react to, we have to always fit these charts within the context of the subject’s life.  This is why I had earlier mentioned the origins of the family as well as the difficulties that large numbers of immigrants have in assimilation, finding work and achieving growth in a strange-to-them society.  I don’t have access to biographical background information on the subject, his family life, or work records, so it is necessary to assume that Cherif Kouachi was a product of the often-talked of Islamist communities in many European countries.  If wrong, please feel free to correct me and offer comments.  This problem of assimilation is a crucial issue.  We could all stand to be better informed if we knew more about it.  It would certainly improve our understanding of these charts.

We will follow this story, astrologically, in future posts.





























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