Part Two: A Quick Finish To A Planned Disaster In Paris

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The attack on the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo  of January 7, 2015 in Paris, France was followed by a ‘get-away’ that got away from the planned result — escape so that the next strike could be planned and carried out.  Cherif and Said Kouachi exited the headquarters of Charlie Hebdo, passed by the wounded policeman they had shot earlier and shot him a second time.  They then casually entered a black Citroen sedan and left.  Encountering a police car blocking their way, they emerged and directed automatic gunfire towards the police vehicle which made a hasty retreat.  The manhunt was on, TV coverage mesmerized the public — in France, Europe and around the world. 

French Intelligence agencies scrambled to identify the gunmen, while the police Gunmen after attack photowere dealing with a second crises at a Deli store where further shootings and hostage taking was occurring.  Late that day the gunmen stopped for gas and were recognized by a clerk.  That report led to a massive concentration of forces who closed off the area and started a heavy search effort.  Late the following day the pair were spotted again and the target area shrank to enclose the quarry.  On January 9th the gunmen, Cherif and Said had been negotiating with the police. Unknown to them, an employee of the business they had entered to avoid the police, was hiding and reporting on their situation to the police.  That morning, realizing they were not going to escape from the surrounding police, the brothers burst out of the building firing their automatic weapons — ‘suicide-by-police-fire’ is one way of describing this action on their part.  We have seen the t/Moon-opp-n/Sun Return of Jan. 2, 2015.  That chart period covers the Jan. 9th Advanced chart for Cherif Kouachi, the last day of his life.


t/Pluto-Asc. grabs our immediate interest; a totally transforming experience.  t/Sun and n/Mars loosely conjoin in the 1st indicating a recently growing inclination to take action of some sort.  Jumping over to t/Mars opposed by t/PoF we can say that action was ‘risky’ but suggested.  This  t/PoF squares t/Saturn indicating the presence of constraints and hardship related to acting at this time.

Returning to the afore-mentioned t/Pluto-at-the-Ascendant, we can note n/Pluto-n/Saturn at the top of the chart; this pattern always contained brutality, harshness and a sense of great difficulty, so it is fair to say that the Ascendant placement of t/Pluto would bring all of that natal pattern along with it.  n/Saturn opposes n/MC; as a 4th house placement, many of Cherif’s ventures would be difficult and require patience and planning to be successful.  This n/Saturn-opp-n/MC is squared by n/PoF; life would seem to be full of chances and bad choices for this man.

Charb, Editor in chief photoThe aftermath of this tragic event has seen summit conferences and much greater public awareness of issues in Europe of assimilation and how deal with internal threats fostered both by social issues and foreign influences.  I am thinking of next posting about the former Shah of Iran who was replaced by a revolutionary cleric residing in France.  I am not a historian, but I do know that that topic offers some interesting events and the charting should prove informative.  Dave.

PS:  We do need to keep in mind the lives of those who were murdered.  While some may question their choices of antagonizing those who have no tolerance for free speech, free speech and one’s judgement of how to use that right is part of western society.  Those who choose to move into a culture have to deal with that even though they may disagree with it.  The debate will continue.  Meanwhile, prayers for those who suffered death, for their families and all other affected by their absence.

















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