Part Two: War, Chaos, Was The Shah In Charge?

Shah seated photo

1941, the new Shah was on the throne.  World War II was underway.  Germany was not able to maintain a presence in or near Iran, and the allied forces of the west were the dominate force in the area.  Russia was upset over the U.S. and England being in the south and central areas of Iran but had to hold back its objections because they were supplying Russia with war materials through Iran and over the Caspian Sea route.  Still, with war being conducted, oil being extracted and exported, government controls being dismantled by corruption and the self-interests of numerous officials and tribal leaders, being in charge was more a case of just being in place and watching the chaos occur.

The new Shah (the photo shown is a much later image of the Shah) was ineffectual in many ways except in relationships with the western alliance — he was expected to rubber-stamp agreements, make governmental changes and facilitate the interests of England and the U.S. while trying to placate his immediate northern neighbor, Russia.  Prime Ministers and influential people came and went as the government constantly changed its structure and its primary players.  In the midst of this war-time turmoil and the years following the war, political power groups tried to gain advantages.  One of these groups was the Tudeh party, a communist group supported by Russia to protect its interests while the U.S. increased its leverage within Iran.  The Tudeh decided to eliminate the Shah and seek to gain more power within the country.  The following charts portray this attempt at removing the Shah.


This is a 3rd house t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return, its generic theme being, “Alertness, inquisitiveness, involved with those around you. Study, exchange of information. Selling yourself. Writing, dealing with agreements . . . .  Visits from neighbors or relatives. News of significance. Travel or talking to prove a point. (sq. t/Mars can indicate a hurtful situation).”

t/Part of Fortune near the MC, opposing the n/N.Node; breaks or changes in relations with others.  n/Mercury-n/Asc.-n/NNode-n/Moon are at the IC angle; the Shah’s entire understanding of his situation (Mercury-Asc) and the role of his ‘supporters’ (N.Node, Moon) is about to be changed.  The square between his n/Mercury and t/Mercury will give an urgency to rethink life’s rules.  This will be necessary due to t/Saturn conjoining n/MC-n/Saturn-n/Mars in the 1st house; the cosmic teacher has arrived to deliver some life lessons.  Since n/Mars is involved, let’s jump our attention over to t/Mars.  This t/Mars is right behind t/Mercury, a dangerous situation is developing.  A strong supportive pattern which we might overlook in our trained eyes which look at angular positions is t/Sun squaring n/Sun.  So often this pattern, or the opposition, indicates a clash of wills, conflicting views and decisions.  There is danger in this chart.

An attempt was made to assassinate the Shah.  The chart below mirrors this event.


Fourteen days after the Return chart date, just before the next t/Moon-opp-n/Sun cycle, the attempt to kill the Shah was made.  Note t/Saturn-Asc-t/MC; Would the Shah have to answer for his goals/policies/public stance relative to how he was running the country?  Since n/Mars is involved in this key pattern, let us look at t/Mars approaching n/Uranus and squaring n/Asc.-n/N.Node-n/Moon near the IC angle.   If that is not enough, t/PoF squares t/Sun-opp-t/Pluto; the nature of how power is directed and who directs it is subject to change and upheaval.

The attempt to remove the Shah was not able to be successful.  In the midst of confusion the best laid plans can also go awry.  As a result of this attempt, changes were made  Political parties were outlawed.  Frantic new efforts to consolidate power began.  The Shah took these lessons very seriously, and he learned from them.  Somehow, he needed to have more control over the diverse interests of all of those around him.  It would take him some 15 years to find solutions to the problems that he saw before him.

We will follow other events, the Shah, and the swirl of history around him in the next few postings.  In this post we learned several important points.

  1. t/Sun-square or opposed-n/Sun can indicate two males in conflict, or two decisions having different approaches or goals, or two ways of viewing a situation.
  2. n/MC at the chart’s Asc. means that one has to address his public image, goals or career direction. The coming of a natal angle to a Return or Advanced chart angle almost always suggests a turning point in one’s life.
  3. n/Asc. at the charts IC suggests that one will face an end-point and, by implication, a staring-point in one’s life.  What that will be or may be is indicated by other chart factors.
  4. t/PoF at the chart’s MC or at the n/Asc (in this pair of charts) shows that ‘chance and change’ can mean extreme changes as well as common daily upsets.  Being killed can ruin your day.

There was an assassination attempt several years later.  When we examine that event we may also look at t/Moon-to-n/Mars Return charts to see how the Shah reacted to violence directed against him.



























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