The Shah of Iran; a Part-Time Job In The Midst of Turmoil

Shah and Queen photoFollowing the assassination attempt covered in my last posting, the Prime Minister, Mossaddegh, remained a popular figure in the overall government structure.  The war years had bred many conflicting situations based on influence and monies that flowed to easily into the pockets of anyone clever enough to position themselves visibly before the allied forces.  The Soviets and their supported Tudeh-communist party were Tehran photo-2increasingly worried about being marginalized.  Of course, this was the intent of the U.S. and Britain.

A later photo of the Shah and his Queen, and of modern Tehran, are shown at the left.  All through modern history and up until today we have to keep in mind that Iran is a big country with a long history and rich culture.  Wars did as much damage, even though of a different kind, as was done to Europe.  Buildings are easy to rebuild.  A national culture and memory is more difficult to rebuild.

The communists staged an uprising against Mossaddegh on August 16th, 1953.  The right wing of the Army joined in with the uprising, ordered to do so by the Shah.  The uprising failed, Mossaddegh remained in his position as Prime Minister, and the Shah fled Iran in embarrassment.

We can look at charts for this period.

ShahOfIranRezaPahlaviShahMtoS8-16-1953overthrowThe August 16, 1953 t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return in the 4th house has a general theme of “Promoting or changing ones personality for a new situation, efforts to work through a transition . . . expanding one’s place, the integration or adoption to past and future conditions. . . Facing extreme danger.  Attempting something new.  (With PoF) Entering into a new life style or condition.”

As we can see in the chart the Moon’s nodal axis lies across the horizontal axis, N.Node at the Desc. angle.  One seeks an association with another person or group.  The Moon-Sun position is squaring the nodes; there will be problems with this and other associations.  This is verified by t/Neptune at the IC angle and further verified by t/Sun squaring n/Asc-n/N.Node-n/Moon.  All of the primary chart factors are in conflict.  Who could the Shah trust, who could he work with, what would happen.  A time of turmoil for all involved.

Further, we can see that t/PoF will be crossing the chart’s IC angle and then approaching the t/Moon-to-n/Sun position.  Change, confusion and upsets are due over the next few days.  There is no need to look further at this chart or other charts to see this.

ShahOfIranRezaPahlaviShahAdv8-19-1953overthrowThe role of all the many key players changed rapidly over the following days.  The chart for August 19th will be used to reflect the events.  By the end of the prior day, the Prime Minister had subdued those rioting against the government.  A contender to the Prime Minister appealed to the military powers asserting that the Prime Minister had ignored the Shahs orders and blamed the P.M for the coup attempt.  The U.S.’s CIA was pumping funds into the country, stirring up groups to drive out any anti-Shah people.  The U.S. also offered bribes to assure that the displaced P.M., Mossaddegh, not be harmed.  Let us examine the chart for August 19th.

The Moon’s nodal axis and t/Neptune are still at the chart angles.  t/PoF has moved from the square to n/Mercury and is approaching t/Mercury, signifying the changing views, agreements and attempts to negotiate within the chaos.  For the Shah, Mercury meant his flight from Tehran to a place where he could be safe.  t/Moon was squaring n/MC-n/Saturn-n/Mars while in a trine aspect to t/Mars and n/Neptune.  Talk about a pile of Spaghetti.  How can one unravel this situation and know what end of a solution was connected to another end of the solution?

By now many in Iran were becoming increasing wary of the interference from outside powers.  The internal mistrust of the western nations may have had its start at this point in terms of Iran’s national consensus.  If Iran could not achieve political stability, then the efforts of others would be both fruitless and detrimental.

Summary of chart factors:

**  The Moon’s nodes across the Asc.-Desc. axis clearly defines associations between the Shah and others as being of a critical nature.  Ebertin, in his book, “The Combination of Stellar Influences” lays out his midpoint theory of chart interpretation based on decades of astrological research.  One of his findings is that the Nodes represent our associations with others and how we seek to manage them.

**  The n/Sun position, square to the t/Nodes, indicates that the Shah’s intentions and style of governing (the natal Sun are at odds with how he needs to relate to those around him.

**  The t/Sun-t/Pluto combination square n/PoF suggests that the Shah sees the uprising as being a threatening change.  This prompts him to enter into the confusion.

**  t/Neptune at the IC clearly lives up to its ‘book’ interpretations; confusion in the home, distractions confuse initiatives that are attempted.

**  When we look at the square between t/Uranus and t/Neptune and then consider present-day turmoil related to the squares between t/Saturn-t/Neptune and between t/Uranus-t/Pluto, it is easy to see how the affairs of state within an unstable government, and influenced by a well-meaning but uniformed and clumsy partner, could result in the turmoil that besieged Iran and the Shah.

We will continue to use the last Shah of Iran’s charts, and a bit of Iran’s history, to explore the use of t/Moon-to-n/Sun Returns.  If my view of history is overly brief, or not as accurate as some would prefer, I offer my apologies.  My purpose is to offer charts that are not covered in current books and magazine articles that can be used as education tools for these amazing charting methods that seem to mirror life so well.  Again, I is required that we have a life-context understanding to make these charts work for us.  If anyone has insights into any of the people, events and use of astrology presented here, they are highly welcome to post a comment or even to guest-host a blog.  Dave


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