Part Four Addendum: Looking At The Shah’s Mars Return

Shah photo-1The Shah of Iran’s charts in Posting Four showed a Mars-Mars pattern, close or at a Mars Return.  Having mentioned this in my last posting, I decided to produce a Mars Return and an Advanced Mars Return chart just to see what it showed.

Planet Return charts are most accurate when the transiting planet happens to have a decent amount of daily motion.  On the day of the Shah’s Mars Return in November of 1964, Mars was traveling only 0 degrees, 28 minutes daily and would soon slow and take up Retrograde motion until returning to n/Mars position on the date of the second assassination attempt.  The Mars Return chart is shown below.


Here we find t/Mars-n/Mars in the 2nd house of Personal Pride, Self-Esteem, monetary resources, and personal possessions.  At this point in his life within the international pressures and political strife, the Shah was attempting to use foreign aid monies and oil revenues to his personal advantage. Who can blame him, a secure dictator can offer a more secure environment for the people he governs (one would hope).

Transiting Sun represents his current interests, natal Sun his life-long interests which are currently a secure homeland (n/Sun at IC) and happy people (t/Venus at IC).  His intent of the moment is to both secure the homeland (4th house) and prepare to creatively gamble (5th house) with the resources he is putting forward.  t/Moon conjoins Mars/Mars so he is hoping that his aggressive plans (Mars) will find favor with the populace (Moon).  We have to take note of t/PoF at the MC angle — will his goals be materialized?  n/Neptune is at the Asc.; he may be having pipe-dreams, self indulgence hopes.  Skipping over to t/Neptune we find it conjoining n/Mercury and approaching n/Asc.; this mix of doubled up Neptune’s doesn’t seem comfortable.  Dreams and oil sometimes don’t mix any better than oil and water.  t/Saturn is at the position of n/Uranus; t/Saturn represent current strategies, n/Uranus represents established eccentricities as well as external surprises — it is hard to believe that his plans will succeed across the board, so we have to expect a mix of good and less-good results.  So, lets look at an advanced Mars-Mars Return for the date of the assassination attempt on April 10, 1965.


In this chart we find Mars retrograding back to its natal position at the MC of the chart; the Shah’s life status and goals will be attacked.  It will be sudden and unexpected within the context of all of the government spending and appointments to get his programs in motion (t/Uranus at MC).

t/Saturn is at the IC angle; plans are being finalized and launched to make things happen.  The t/PoF near both natal and transiting Chiron indicate an effort to change the ailing social conditions of the country.  t/N.Node is opposing n/PoF; the Shah is working with others to change conditions.  t/Sun and t/Venus conjoin in the 5th house, his efforts are appreciated and well received.  t/Moon conjoins n/Neptune; the dream of the Shah is currently well-regarded and accepted by the people of the country.

So, here we have the charts.  They seem to reflect the reality of the Shah at that time.

Like any planet Return or any t/Moon-to-planet Return chart, each combination of charts has its own intrinsic meaning.  n/Mars is one’s sense of control, poise, presence before others, ability or inclination to act.  Transiting Mars represents both our current use of Mars energies as well as external attack, pressures and difficulties that seem to come from others.

Those who have comments, disagreements or differing interpretations as applied to the Shah at this time in history, or who wish to just discuss Mars Returns should enter a comment.  If you don’t care to have your remarks in a public forum, contact me by e-mail at     Dave.






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