Part Six: When The End Is Here It Is Time To Leave

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The time is the late 1970s.  The place is Iran.  In prior posts we have noted that Iran was bombarded by international pressure following the two European ‘World Wars’ with the greatest influence coming from, first, Great Britain, and then from the United States.  The Soviets certainly caused some problems through there political party in Iran, but the U.S. was the leading benefactor and external influence. The Shah was dedicated to improving the country by following the examples of the west.  His problems were extensive, and proved to be too much for him.

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The Shah’s desire to control everything led to the continuing creation of closely managed power-circles, which in turn led to both increasing unrest as well as diminishing efficiency.  The benefits of the few were beyond the reach of the many.  Yes, the modernization programs did work to a degree, revenues increased, business boomed compared to earlier times. land was given to those who previously had no land, and the cities were modernized.  But unrest was brewing, increasing rapidly as the demographics of the country changed. Less farming, far more city life.  People and their environment were changing and dissatisfaction was in the air.  The Shah was facing fractured but widespread dissatisfaction.  His military were tasked with keeping order.  We will now look at September of 1978.


Sept. 7, 1978 saw crowds of people in the capital, Tehran, all angry over one issue or another.  While there was no central protest issue or organization, there were lots of protesting citizens.

This chart show a t/Moon-to-n/Sun in the 5th house, an indication that the Shah was determined to play out his role as leader of the country.  Politics had to be dealt with.  There was no core protest group, just a huge number of people who didn’t like anything.

t/Saturn conjoined n/MC in the 3rd; the ability to control the public message and image of power was constrained. The Shah inclination to do something, anything was signified by n/Mars at the IC angle along with t/Sun.  t/PoF was in contact with n/Jupiter; the Shah saw an opportunity to make a point about who was in control.


The next day, Sept. 8, 1978, the Shah’s troops fired upon the populace. Instead of cowering, the people became more angry, the crowds changed in size and in organization.  In this one day’s actions, little had changed in the charts, but what did change mirrored the events of the day.

t/PoF conjoined the Shah’s natal MC; changes in his public image occurred. t/Moon was conjoining n/Mercury; he was becoming emotional, not logical, in his reaction to events.  t/Sun was keeping pace with the advancing IC; for the Shah, the status of entering a changing environment was dragging on.  Note that this t/Sun was approaching a square to n/Pluto.  With all of the unrest that had started weeks ago and was now sharply building, the production of oil and other goods was grinding to a halt.  There was much to worry about.


Black Friday uprising photo

As the days passed the protests grew. A t/Moon-opposite-n/Sun Return, 2nd to 8th house, occurred for the Shah on Sept. 19th, 1978.  This new Return chart had t/Mercury on the Desc. angle, proclamations were the order of the day, perhaps even of the hour as the Shah manipulated all of his staff and resources to calm the populace down.

t/Mars conjoined the Shah’s n/Sun; he was relying more on his military support than on any political levers of power.  The MC was conjoining n/PoF; he was hoping for his fortunes to change, for the angry mood of the population to subside.  It increased.  As production ground to a halt, the people became more dissatisfied with the country’s situation and they had time (due to not working) to make their feelings heard.


On Oct. 2, 1978, the Shah made a very desperate move to quiet the country. He granted amnesty to virtually every body.  One of those was an exiled cleric living in France who had been agitating against the Shah from afar. That was about to change.

In the time interval since the Return date, much had changed/developed. t/PoF was on the Asc. angle, a personal initiation of change would be seen. t/Sun was at the Desc. angle; the Shah was reaching out, trying to change others by his decision.  Note that t/Mercury, his message, is still close to the Desc. angle.  The IC angle was approaching n/Pluto, fundamental change was coming soon.  Finally, we should take note of t/Saturn-n/Saturn conjoining in the 6th house. The Shah’s Saturn Return found him being a highly unwilling preparer  for a new cycle in his life. He became an adult with a plan 28 years earlier, now he had a plan that had failed to complete his Hell quotelife’s work.  History might say that his view from his station in life was that he tried and had good intentions. The big problem for him was that the isolation of the throne amidst all of the self-serving people and countries around him were too much to deal with.  Nobody ever feels sorry for the king.  Long live the King, and damn his ineffective policies and the effect it had on the lives of the many.  There is no excuse for failure even if others had a big share in that failure.

There is more to the Shah’s story, and Iran’s story.  We will finish soon with the Shah, but may leave Iran for another day.   Dave


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