Amanda Knox; Innocence Decided by Italian Supreme Court

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Amanda Knox, an Amercian student studying in Perugia, Italy, lived with a roommate who was probably murdered on the evening of November 1st, 2007, was arrested and charged with that murder.  It took four years for hearings and trials and imprisonment to pass before she was found innocent in late 2011.  Amanda returned home, happy to be free of the Italian legal system.  Later, the Italian Supreme Court decided to re-open her case, believing that the evidence that had been submitted was not complete and had not be considered in determining her guilt or innocence.  Today, March 27, 2015, that Italian court found her innocent.  Her Advanced chart for night when her roommate was likely murdered, the body was found on the morning of Nov 2, 2007, is shown below.


The Advanced chart for the day/night her roommate was murdered is shown at the right.  An MC of 15 Leo and an Ascendant of 7 Scorpio frames this daily chart.  Note t/Sun at the Asc. conjoining n/Pluto. The t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return had occurred in the 9th house of foreign places and higher education, fitting the Perugia, Italy for an American student. t/Neptune at the IC angle, represents the confusion and chaos of the many politically-charged hearings and trial events.  Not all of the evidence was presented, nothing in the evidence tied Amanda to the murder, yet she was found guilt and ended up serving a total of four years in confinement before being found innocent.  Note t/Neptune at the IC angle.

On March 27, 2015, after several months of a legal reconsideration of her trial and the evidence that was and was not presented, the Supreme Court of Italy found her innocent.  Amanda’s Advanced charts for both Seattle and Perugia, Italy are shown below.


Amanda’s t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return in the 9th house occurred on March 27, 2015, the same date she was found innocent of all charges.  The chart at the right is set for Seattle, Washington where she lives.

Note n/MC at the IC; her life’s status and public image takes on a new meaning and start.  t/PoF conjoins the n/MC and IC angle; the situation changes dramatically. t/Mars at the Desc. angle represents the accusations by others and her push-back against the legal system and court. nPoF  opposite t/Venus indicates the favorable change in the court’s findings. 

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Amanda’s Advanced chart for the court’s findings is shown to the right side.  Note that the actual date for this chart is March 28th due to the shift in location from Seattle Washington to Perugia, Italy.  I’ve dated it as the 27th.

We can see that the relocated natal MC is still at the IC angle of the chart, since her chart is relocated.  However, the t/Sun and t/Moon are in different houses.  Note that the n/Asc. is near the Desc. angle and n/Moon-n/Uranus are at the MC angle.  Great emotional relief was suddenly evident over this good news.  Here, the t/Moon-to-n/Sun position is in the 5th house of gambling, luck and sports.  This may seem inappropriate, but we need to consider that the date of a t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return represents a ‘rebalancing point’ for the subject.  This, plus the sudden change in status (t/PoF conjunct n/MC) point to Amanda’s happiness.  t/Mars conjoining n/Jupiter, and some close to squaring (out of sign) n/Mars reflects her fight against the charges.  Note that the MC of 15 Leo on the date of the murder is closely repeated on this date in the Supreme Court’s ‘not guilty’ chart for Seattle, Washington.  It often happens that a long time span between the start of something (the murder) and end of something (found to be innocent) will have closely similar angles.  Here it is the MC angle, representing her status and public image in life.  

The next blog series will address the seduction by a school teacher of a young student, and his being coerced to kill the teacher’s husband.  Dave.


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