Part Two: Finding Easier Ways For Complex Explorations

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In this posting I will utilize some different tools to aid in the exploration of Pamela Smart’s natal chart.  Some of this material will appear in altered form in my upcoming book which is due to be released in early summer.  

I will utilize, in this posting, two chart presentations of Pamela Smarts natal chart.  The first is her natal chart containing 1) conventional natal planets, 2) the four most common asteroids plus Chiron, 3) the eight TransNeptunians or TNPs, and 3) a 45 degree planet-line.  This latter is a feature of Kepler software and consists of a 45-degree line, shown in red at the bottom of the chart.  (This may not show up well here as it seems intended for screen use).  By folding the 360 degree zodiac into a 45 degree presentation, all planets in hard aspect to other planets (0, 45, 90, 135, 180 degrees) will appear grouped together.


A visual examination of the red planet line shows several ‘hard aspect’ groupings; Jupiter-MC, Neptune-Moon-Sun, and Mercury-Mars.  When looking at charts with many components shown in them, any tool that helps to identify important factors is a welcome tool.

Pamela NATAL Zodiac Line Diagram-D

The diagram at the left is what I term a ‘Zodiac Line’ which is (as I typically use them, when I use them) a straight vertical line which has 12 zodiac sign segments covering a sheet of paper. On the paper I first list the natal planets in the approximate locations.  Then, using a printed zodiac-sequence listing of planets, asteroids, etc., I note each component that conjoins one of the primary planets or angles.

Of all of the many asteroids that one might choose to use, I only use the three-dozen that my friend Martha Lang-Wescott uses. The reason being that I have extensive writings of hers that give me delineations of various combinations of planets, TNPs and asteroids.  Since I don’t often work with these, this reference material is useful.  The fact that I don’t work with this material is not be construed as a sign that I don’t believe in its value.  We will shortly see is applicability.  It is just that when I work with cyclic charts that the simplicity of the charts and their narrow focus on day-to-day expressions make the use of other complexities unnecessary, in my opinion.

The reader will note that I have also included pre-natal eclipses in this listing.

This type of listing is essentially a ‘filter’ that is used to focus on only the more obvious conjunctions.  Adding square and oppositional factors does not seem to provide that much more useful material given the added complexity.

So, let us now proceed to see exactly what this zodiac line listing shows us. I will summarize my observations at the end and will illustrate how it applied to the murder of her husband.

  • At 4 Aries, conjoining MC, PoF, and Part-of-Disputes/Arguments; Pamela will use logic and verbal barrages to achieve her goals.
  • At 12 Aries, Saturn and the Part of Retribution/Retaliation; There will always be a plan or strategy to ‘get even’ or strongly react to situations which constrain her freedom and wishes.
  • At 1 Taurus, North Node and the Part of Hidden Changes suggests she keeps friends and associates separated, each affiliation has a purpose.
  • A pre-natal Eclipse occurred at 18:18 Taurus on May 9, 1967, squaring Jupiter, and suggesting difficulties in achieving social opportunities and future gains as she move through life.
  • At 13 Leo Mercury conjoins the Part of Messages.  Communication, talking and stating her convictions and ideas is emphasized for Pamela Smart.
  • At 12 Virgo, Venus links to te Part of Suicide, Disappearance.  The energies of Venus in terms of love and balance will be turned on and turned off at will to suite the situation as Pamela perceives it.
  • At 22 Virgo, Uranus conjoins the asteroid Siwa; a tendency to become quickly upset over specific facets of life or rlationships that wouldn”t be much of a bother to others.  A need to destroy and rebuild a bothersome issue from scratch.  Quirky dislikes suddenly manifest themselves.  Siwa also conjoins the IC angle, emphasizing one’s proclivity to disassemble a situation that is irksome and rebuild or replace it with something more pleasing.
  • At 14 Scorpio Mars and the asteroid Hidalgo are found.  The spoken word is considered as a weapon.  When upset, one may remain silent, or may speak out assertively so as to hurt another.  What is said may not be the full truth.
  • Mars is also conjoining the Part of the Father.  The actual father or one who is seen as a strong or visible male role model is seen as an adversary to one’s own interests.
  • Close to Neptune was a pre-natal eclipse at 19:45 Scorpio on Nov. 12, 1966.  This is close to Neptune and suggests an over-sensitive imagination lacking objectivity.
  • At 6 Sag we find Part of Fortune  with the Part of Faithfulness and Dedication.  These qualities will be subject to change and anxiety.
  • And we have an opposition that I wish to note; from 6 Gemini the Uranian planet Kronos opposes Part of Fortune.  Issues of who is in control, who is the authority and who knows what is best for others can be invoked or relinquished at any point in time or under any conditions.  Vacillation of intent.

These several observations can be summarized as:  Pamela Smart is a woman who will let nothing stand in her way as she seeks to achieve her aims.  She is verbally abusive and will assault others, becoming easily upset over small details in a relationship.  She will use others to suit her purposes.

How will we find this applying to her story?  She became upset with her husband after only a half year of marriage. She conceived of a plan to end the marriage using a teen-age boy (highly unreliable) to kill her husband rather than move through a costly, messy divorce process.  She verbally pushed the boy into this terrible act by first hooking him on sexual involvement and then threatening to end those ‘privileges’ (as a teen aged boy would see them) if he didn’t do as she had instructed him to do.  She took a job as a media consultant at the local high school where her college degree in communications was helpful.  She used her communication skills to abuse her teaching position to ensnare a young person into a situation which they were not able to handle. She had, it seems, contempt for men, and used them for her own advantages.  How she could hide her activities from the school staff, from other students, from her husband and the neighbors is probably a story in itself.

In any case, this approach to collecting and assessing complexity and detail seems to work well.  It is always a question of balancing time spent against value received.  For a natal chart, this seems warranted.  We shall see if it is warranted when we do some cyclic charts.  Dave.


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