Part Three: For Pamela Smart, Marriage Was Not ‘Forever’

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For Pamela Smart, her marriage to Gregg was an event that she had planned and worked for.  As a College Disk Jockey she had loved Heavy Metal bands, Van Halen, Motley Crue and Bon Jovi.  She found that Gregg also enjoyed this music.  Both were avid party goers.  Pamela, known on college radio as the Maiden of Metal, and Gregg hit it off in late 1985.  Pamela was attending college in Florida.  In 1988, her last year of school, Gregg moved there to be with her.  On returning to New Hampshire after her graduation, they were married on May 7, 1989.  A year later Gregg would be dead!

Before we get to that part of the story we need to look at some charts for the period when they were married.  Surprisingly, the t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return charts do not show much of significance, it was almost as if the fundamental concept of Moon-Sun charts was not the right focus for examining Pamela Smart’s view of life.  t/Moon-to-n/Sun Returns indicate how one experiences or seeks to regain balance in their life.  When I considered this I decided to check out a t/Moon-to-n/Venus Return.  t/Moon-to-n/Sun Returns portray the joy of life,a desire to relate to others, a period of acquisition.  It is from this perspective that we can view the part of Pamela’s life.


In this t/Moon-opposite-n/Venus Return chart we find n/Venus in the 6th, t/Moon in the 12th.  The issues of what love and sharing is all about is tied to Pamela’s hidden needs, what the unstated bargain is that she has in mind.  With n/MC in the first house; she is acting to achieve a certain status that is important to her.  Looking at the chart’s MC we find t/Uranus opposite t/Mars at the IC; grabbing excitement and seeking to fill one’s unique vision of life seems to be a factor.  If we also note n/Chiron at the Asc. doubled up by t/Chiron at the IC angle; we can see that there is a fundamental and troubling issue that is part of Pamela Smart’s life.

Since this is a t/Moon-to-n/Venus Return, let us now look at t/Venus.  t/Venus opposes the midpoint of Mars-Pluto; Ebertin, in his book The Combination of Stellar Influences, notes this as indicating “a passionate disposition, assault or rape.”   For Pamela, her husband represented her love for Heavy Metal music, the rock stars that played that music, the fun she had in college, and her husband’s looks that resembled (in her view) Bon Jovi.  She had an ideal view of what life had been and how it needed to be preserved to keep her happy.  Marriage would guarantee the shared memories of college life, of music, of partying.  Which takes us back to just what “Venus” can mean; love, lust, attachment, acquisition, desire.


Advancing this t/Moon-opposite-n/Venus chart, we find several interesting factors.  Ascendant at the midpoint of n/MC-n/Saturn suggests she is involved in solidifying a plan to cast her future status in concrete.  She is getting exactly what she wants.  t/Mars-opp-t/Uranus-square-n/MC indicates she is taking an exciting step to shaping her life.  

Now, note t/Sun opposing t/Pluto-n/Mars (and n/Neptune); a male figure represents a transitional situation.  She is rearranging her life to her standards.  t/Part of Fortune conjoins n/N.Node; Pamela’s view of an association with another is going to changed and not appear to be as it really is.

Their marriage took place in the same church where Gregg’s parents had been wed some 30 years prior.  All seemed to be as perfect as it could be.   Dave.


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