Part Four: One Way To Obtain An Uncontested Divorce

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Marriage will change one’s life, that is for sure.  For her new husband it meant working each day to support their family of two, their apartment, cars and living expenses.  It meant learning a job and growing within that career field so as to prepare for a future, larger family.  He was growing up.

For Pamela Smart, life also meant working.  She took a position at a regional high school in Hampton, NH as a media coordinator.  She liked being around young people,  She also missed the partying of her college days and resented her husband’s lost interest in those carefree days.  Life had become boring.  Half a year into her marriage, life became intolerable.  She started dating one of her young students, meeting in her office, her car, and when her husband was out of town on a business trip, in their apartment.  Soon, this 15 years-old student was being pressured to kill her husband so that their love-making could go on forever.  

That poor kid.  When he had reached the point of being agreeable, Pamela developed a specific plan for the murder.  She would give him a key to the apartment.  He would put the dog downstairs (not to be traumatized by the murder). He would have a friend help him to overpower her husband and cut his throat.  Valuables would be taken to make it look like a robbery gone bad.  Below is the Return chart.


This is a t/Moon-opposite-n/Sun Return in the 7th house, having a theme of, “Compromise can be minimal in nature except for emotional issues.  Who controls the relationship?  Arguments, seeking a solution.  Promises are on shaky ground.  Multiple views on one situation.  Changes in who decides, who follows.  Resolution tends to be abrupt.”  The combination of Moon in the 1st (My reactions, my actions, my primary needs are important) with Sun in the 7th (what I want from you, what I think we should do) is always a tough pattern in these forms of charts, as is the 6th and 1sth houses.

With Pamela’s n/Ascendant on the Desc. angle of the chart, the basic theme given above is made more pronounced — “it is all about me” is one common phrase that comes to mind.

At this stage of looking at the chart we can already see that it is appropriate to the leading-up-to-murder situation that is being planned.

t/Pluto-n/Mars-at-MC opposing t/Mercury;  Taking charge of her life-status and destiny (Pluto-MC) is done by taking action (Mars) and having a plan (Mercury).  t/PoF in the 9th; this has an obvious link to the use of a school student, but in regular practice we might (for most ordinary situations) see this ninth house as “plans with another” (as opposite of the third house (plans of mine alone).  Since it is so close to the MC, we can also include in the Pluto-Mars-MC grouping. In any case t/PoF squares t/N.Node; a break point in one’s associations or relations with another.  (I use Ebertin’s approach to interpreting the North Node as relating to associations one has/develops with others).  Note t/Sun conjoining n/N.Node; pointing to Pamela’s intent (Sun) to affect her relationships in a meaningful way — the 3rd house suggesting she was behind the plan, not the person “doing” the plan.  This PLAN is symbolized by n/MC-n/Saturn-n/Chiron in the 2nd house squaring n/Moon:  Her status and life plan is mean and sick (applying chosen words for Saturn and Chiron) and relates to her emotional self (Moon).  Once we get past the angular factors and interpretations, it is fun to look at any or all of the supporting patterns in the chart as “filling in the details”.   Transiting Moon-Mars-Saturn, some of the key players in interpreting this chart, are all in the first (action) house of the chart.  


This second chart is the Advanced chart set for the date of the murder.  Her young lover and a friend had entered and waited for Pamela’s husband to come home. The use of a knife proved to be too personal and repulsive, so a gun ‘borrowed’ from his friends father was used for the killing. Another friend was waiting in a car outside to drive them away. This occurred about 9:40 in the evening.

Note n/Neptune near the MC, t/Neptune in the 12th.  A hidden, secretive act.  We can note that n/Mars-t/Pluto is now in a ‘background’ house, the 9th, and square t/Nepune in the 12th; more ‘hiddenness.’

t/Moon is on the Desc. angle; Pamela is emotionally tied to what the others are doing for her.  Note n/Mercury has retrograded back to opposing n/Mars.  And, we can’t overlook t/Pof square n/Asc. in the 6th; Chance and change is being instigated through the work of others (6th) house in a hidden manner (the 6th is the 12th house of the 7th house of partners).  t/Mars squares n/PoF in the 10th; another symbolism of action and the future plans of Pamela.  This same t/Mars broadly opposes n/Venus, “attacking her love” might be suggested.

So, the dirty deed was done.  All that followed would be the inevitable police investigation of a robbery gone bad, a period of public mourning and a continuing life of “love” with her student lover.  Or, so she thought.

This has been an interesting set of charts illustrating the clarity and power of this approach to viewing life’s daily events.  Even an extreme set of circumstances such as this cannot detract us from recognizing that Moon-to-Sun Returns are a powerful short-term predictive tool.  The astrologer can just sit in front of a computer screen and pop-up charts as he/she talks to a client.  No heavy preparation work is required.  The conversation can shift to other events in life and those appropriate charts can be viewed within seconds.



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