Part Five: Before The Murder, How To Start An Affair

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Pamela was married only a half-year when she decided that life was boring.  Her husband worked hard at learning his new job, less time was spent drinking, dining and partying.  Concerts were few and far between.  Then a school project involving her class at the regional high school she worked at brought her into contact with young (15 years of age) Billy Flynn.  They like the same music.  Soon, Pamela began to have thoughts about young Billy that crossed the line between how a teacher and student should interact.  Before we get to deep into that part of our story, let’s look at Pamela’s chart prior to this idea of expressing her feelings.
SmartPamelaPamelaMoopS1-27-1990proposeThis t/Moon-opposite-n/Sun Return is in the 12th house.  The opposing houses around the Ascendant-Descendant axis make for problematic situations.  The theme for this 6-to-12 polarity is, “Choices.  One’s conscience says to help another, one’s self-interests want to address personal needs first.  Balancing conflicts.  Working in supportive care fields, government, personal services such as tutoring, nursing, social work.  Interactional support is seen, offered, appreciated.  Incapacitated for some reason or period of time.  Being ill or discomforted.  An intended action has an opposite or unintended effect.  One’s life balance is affected in clandestine manner.”  Clearly this generic statement is ‘right on’ in its definitions.  “Conscience . . choices . . self-interest . . tutoring . . interactional support . . one’s life balance is affected in a clandestine manner.”  Now, we note n/Venus on the Ascendant; one’s established sense of love and being appreciated is being experienced at this time.  t/PoF opposes n/MC-n/Chiron;  One’s status and standing is about to be changed.  t/PoF squares t/Mars; Pamela is not managing her aggressiveness well, but she will be expressing it.  Note n/PoF at the IC and square n/Venus-Asc.; How one handles one’s natural need for support and closeness is likely to take on a new dimension.  

From these few simple observations we can deduce that this next two-week period will bring some fundamental changes in how she relates to others within her work environment.  In a supportive role we can note t/Venus opposite n/Asc., mirroring and doubling up the n/Venus at the t/Asc. angle.  t/Sun squares the n/N.Node, associates are likely to cause conflicts. 


In this Advanced chart for Feb. 5th, the day Pamela advised young Billy Flynn that she was attracted to him, we note Pamela’s  n/Pluto at the Asc.; Pamela is going to unleash a personal earthquake on this date.  Can you imagine the thoughts and feelings of a 15-year-old boy being told that his very attractive female teacher finds him to be attractive to her in a most suggestive manner?  Confusion, exhilaration are just the first thoughts that come to mind.  A real live, pretty, warm and dominating woman.  No early teen stuff, no holding hands, and awkward stuff.  The real thing being offered to him.  Yes, Pamela rocked his boat, got his attention.  t/Sun opposed n/Jupiter, conjoining n/N.Node, taking advantage of a situation.  Note also t/Sun square t/Pluto; a dominating manner is being expressed.  t/Mars opposite t/Moon, t/Jupiter, t/Chiron, and square n/MC;  a complex pattern of assertiveness to impress one’s needs on another, to seek recognition from that person using her status and position.

We can see how the chart fits the picture, we can assume how young Billy Flynn reacted.  Instead of assuming how he acted, we can look at his charts.  Having his birth date and place, and using a ‘noon’ chart, we can look at this t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return knowing that the MC will be within 7 or 8 degrees of accuracy.  That is because everyone born on a given day will have Moon-to-Sun Returns where their timed chart’s MC will be within 7 or 8 degrees (at most) of a ‘noon’ based chart’s MC position.


Here, 7 days before the proposition by his attractive teacher, Billy Flynn’s Moon-to-Sun Return has n/Uranus on the Asc.; surprise, surprise.  t/PoF conjoins n/Neptune; a fairytale is about to emerge before his very eyes.  This t/PoF also opposes n/Mars; changes in how one feels about one’s place in the world.  t/Moon conjoins n/Sun in the 5th house; the theme for this placement is “Being an actor in some way, taking pleasure in one’s efforts or work, parties or celebrations, hobbies, the promotion of new programs or products.  One’s love nature is strong. Confidence is high, pride in one’s accomplishments.  Being true to one’s self.  A creation being recognized in its own right.  A creative project opens up.”  We can take the following from this generic statement to fit this unusual situation . . pleasure in one’s efforts or work . . parties or celebrations . . strong love nature . . being recognized . .”   While this chart doesn’t tell us exactly what will happen, the chart sets us up to expect surprises, fairy tales, something romantic.  Let us look at Feb. 5th, 1990.


Here is the chart for Billy Flynn’s side of the story.  n/Venus at the IC; new love enters the picture.  t/Sun-t/PoF are approaching n/PoF; Life is about to get a major overhaul and change.  t/Moon and t/Jupiter are crossing the n/Asc.; everything is coming up roses to quote some Broadway musical.

So, over the next couple of weeks, Billy met Pamela in her office, in her car, and found his life changing rapidly.  The affair moved on staying the night with Pamela when her husband was travelling for business.  They enjoyed music and sex.  

Of course there was a price to be paid for all of this.  Pamela liked her fun but she also had a plan.  Not a firm plan at this point, but a plan.

In future posts we will move on into the tragic aftermath of this ill-conceived, poorly planned, and bound-to-fail attempt to get a way with murder.












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