Part Six: Murder Charges; the Beginning of the End

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Pamela Smart’s young lover, 15 year-old Billy Flynn was the person, along with his friends, who actually killed Pamela Smart’s husband in their apartment on May 1, 1990.  A gun was provided by a friend who had ‘borrowed’ it from his father’s gun cabinet.  The gun was put back after the murder.  The police had a lot to consider.  The murder may have been intended to look like a botched robbery gone wrong.  However, why was the dog locked in the basement, it would have been easier to just kill it.  Why was none of valuable items in the apartment taken?  Who would rob an apartment in the evening with all of the tenants awake and walking around?  Surely a mid-day robbery would be more likely.  

Billy Flynn had a friend help him overpower Gregg Smart, another friend waited in the car outside, and a girl friend was in on the plan.  Several teen-aged kids couldn’t do something serious like a murder without talking about it among themselves.  One of them couldn’t be having sexual relations with a teacher without the others knowing that that relationship was behind the need to murder the husband.  How would that not be a topic of conversation among the small group.  Soon, pride of getting away with sex-with-a-teacher and a murder became too much to keep quiet about.  Parts of the story became known by others.  Rumors spread.  Among the rumors was “that a parent’s gun had been used.”  One parent in particular became suspicious and took his guns to the local police to be checked.  One was the murder weapon.  It took only hours to question one teen-aged kide and then the others.  Part of the story was out.

Previous to this posting an essay on Cyclic Charting was offered.  That essay postulated that Moon-to-Planet return charts, other than the Moon-to-Sun Returns commonly used on this blog site, could be used.  In this post I will utilize a t/Moon-to-n/Saturn Return.  This chart combines the t/Moon’s symbolism for change and emotions with n/Saturn’s symbolism for depression, early-life family indoctrination, worry and planning/strategy.  


This t/Moon-opposite-n/Saturn Return occurred on June 9, 1990, just five weeks after the murder. It only took that long for immature mouths to talk and to let slip some of the details that led to speculation by others, then to rumors, and then to the ears of more mature adults and the police. With the gun identified and a nervous kid and his friends easily identified, the whole story began to emerge.  What does this t/Moon-opp-n/Saturn Return chart tell us?

t/Part of Fortune (t/PoF) in the 7th opposes t/Sun in the 1st; Ones own intent and interest, or the ‘Authorities’ will act (these are action houses) suddenly and surprisingly. Note n/Sun-n/PoF at a wide square to t/Sun-t/PoF; this is a significant “doubling-up” of two key factors in Return charts.

Note n/Mars on the Asc.; action of a dangerous nature is part of the day’s events.  This n/Mars opposes n/Nepune across the horizontal axis.  This pairing represents an inborn sense of unclarity in one’s actions or response when action is required.  We will see shortly how this symbolism played out.  Since this is a t/Moon-to-n/Saturn Return, let us look at those two planets. This is a 7th-to-1st house pattern indicating that reactions and responses of those involved (both the kids and the police) would be seen as harsh, warranted, mandatory.  The natal pattern of Sun-square-Saturn-square-N.Node (a T-square) inclines young Billy Flynn to wrestle with his intersts versus those of ‘authority’ and his associates.  Social rules, the views of associates, his self-interests are all contending with each other and, at the age of 15, apparently not yet worked out so as to be manageable.  Combine this with natal Part of Fortune conjoining MC;  his sense of personal goals and direction is subject to change.  We are looking here a an almost permanently immature person in one sense.


It was the very next day, June 10th, that Billy Flynn and the others were charged with first degree murder.  What can change, astrologically, in one day? Obviously the t/Moon and t/PoF will change a lot, the t/Sun only a little, along with the angles.

t/PoF conjoins t/Uranus and will approach/contact t/Moon in the 8th house.  Changes in what is now know brings surprises and one’s daily routines are upset.  

t/PoF will square t/Mars; upsets in actions taken within the community (11th house) on behalf of other’s (8th house) interest — the victim.

Note also, t/Sun squaring n/Sun.  Whenever a natal and transiting version of a ‘planet’ conjoin, square or oppose each other we have to take notice of the symbolism.  With a doubled-up Sun, the interests of two or more people are in conflict.  With a doubled-up Moon, two sets of feelings within one person or between two people cause great emotional upset.

We could look at n/Pluto opposite t/Mars and t/Pluto opposite t/Venus and draw some appropriate conclusions.  However, it is best (and more practical) to just consider angular and angular-house based planets and their paired natal-transit versions and leave all of the non-angular stuff aside.

In future posts I will explore more of these t/Moon-to-n/planet combinations.  I hope you find this interesting.  Dave.



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