Part Seven: “Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones, But Words Will Never Hurt Me!”

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As the weeks passed following the murder of Pamela Smart’s husband, the police were busy doing what the police do; talking, questioning, listening and comparing what people said against what they were known to have done or what others said about them.  Thanks to an astute parent who heard rumors of a gun being “borrowed” to commit the crime, and his voluntary action of bringing his guns in for testing, the police quickly identified one of the suspects, quickly followed by others involved in the plot.  They had the one who pulled the trigger, the one who obtained and returned the murder weapon, the one who directly assisted Billy Flynn in the murder, the driver of the car, and one other.  A young lady, Cecila Pierce, friends of the boys who carried out the murder knew of the plans and the act even though she was not directly involved.

The only person involved that they couldn’t completely tie to the murder was Pamela Smart.  She wasn’t at the scene.  She didn’t pull the trigger on the gun.  She didn’t acquire the gun for use in the murder.  She had not paid to have the murder done.  What the police had were the statements of several teenagers against the statement of an Pamela Photo-5adult teacher who would deny everything.  How could they fully prove Pamela was involved or had master-minded the whole situation.  Cecilia, who knew the bots and also knew Pamela was asked to ‘wear a wire’ to record whatever Pamela might say in confidence to Cecilia. The incriminating words the police hoped to obtain were said. They had their evidence.

A couple of posts past I had presented an essay on just what Return charts and Cyclic charts were.  “Return” charts are charts cast for the moment and location where an astrological planet returns and conjoins its natal position.  A “Cyclic” Return is a chart cast for the moment and place where a transiting planet conjoins or opposes a natal planet.  In both cases, the chart is cast for the conjoining or opposition point and the planets involved are placed at their proper zodiac positions and in the resulting chart’s house/angular structure.  In most cases the natal chart houses will be shifted within the framework of the Return or Cyclic chart.

I have postulated that the t/Moon is a useful choice for the transiting component as it represents the changes that come into one’s life when an event or situation becomes a meaningful part of one’s life.  The ‘planet’ that is to be used as a base-line to the natal chart is most often the n/Sun—but it can be any planet.  In fact, it is important to choose a planet whose nature will reflect any specific line of inquiry one wants to explore.  In this posting I will utilize t/Moon-to-n/Mercury Cyclic charts. 


On June 12th and 13th, Cecilia Pierce visited with Pamela Smart, gradually bringing up the situation with the boys who were being charged in the murder.  How were they holding up?  What had they said to the Police?  Over the past several weeks no action had been taken relative to Pam.  Were the boys protecting her?  If not, how would she respond, protect herself?  Bit by bit, portions of the actual story were put into words.

Words are a ‘Mercury thing.’  They are thoughts being expressed, information given and shared.  They can also be heard as ‘evidence.’  The words of Pamela Smart were recorded using the wire or sound device that Cecilia was wearing. Her cooperation could keep her out of jail.

t/Moon represents ones reactions to change while n/Mercury represents how one talks and communicates in their adult world.

t/Moon-opposes-n/Mercury from the 1st to the 7th houses in this chart.  t/Moon in the first would indicates one response to the events in the world around them.  t/Saturn at the Asc.; care and caution, fears and concerns are what Saturn is about. t/Moon in this house would raise the emotional stakes and the worrying to a high level.  Now, please not that t/Moon is the focal point of a T-square with t/Venus-IC opposing t/Pluto-MC.  Part of this pattern is a fanatical love and sensual pleasure component coulpled with strong emotions.  Could it be that Pamela was still wrapped up in the ‘romance’ she had with young Billy Flynn and was not properly seeing the larger social-criminal picture that she was part of?  Note t/PoF conjoining n/Pluto.  We have a doubled up Pluto here.  This is highly serious.  With the n/Asc. close to the Desc. angle, it would seems that Pamela was overly focused on Billy Flynn.  If so, this is a strong case of “denial.”  We are looking at a t/Moon-opp-n/Mercury Cyclic chart — let us not forget t/Mercury.  We see n/PoF opposite t/Mercury.  Will Mercury (words) risk saying the truth to Ceceila, and indirectly to the Police?  I don’t have the actual content of thw words spoken other than that they were, in total, incriminating if fractured in their presentation.  It was enough for the Police to work with.


It took the Police some six weeks of legal work to put all of the puzzle-pieces together for the District Attorney.  The chart to the left is a t/Moon-to-n/Mercury in the 4th house Cyclic chart prior to the arrest date which would come a week or so later. t/Moon at n/Mercury, t/Mercury at n/Sun, all in the 4th.  Light will be shed on the situation.  t/PoF opposes n/PoF; “chance and change” are definitely present in this week leading up to the arrest.  Will the whole case against Pamela Smart come together?  t/Sun is at the IC: a powerful symbolic statement about the light of the situation being revealed — a sort of “on” switch for the truth.

So far, these t/Moon-n/Mercury charts are reflective of the story.

SmartPamelaPamMtoMercAdv8-01-1990This t/Moon-to-n/Mercury Return chart has been Advanced to Aug. 1, 1990, the date that Pamela Smart was arrested and then charged with the murder of her husband.  t/Sun, by virtue of its movement being close to the diruranl movement of the chart angles, remains at the IC, portraying the shedding of light.  t/Moon is at the Desc. angle conjoining n/PoF; an emotional state over her risk taking venture.  t/N.Node at the MC, the association and status of others will be the focus of the day.  t/PoF is in the 5th house of love, lust and risky behavior, opposite the n/MC.  Her basic premise of how to murder her husband has to be now questioned.  An it will be questioned at the trial that will follow.

Up until this point we have concentrated our attention on the angular planets — and on their counterparts (natal or transiting) which have aspected and involved other planets.  This is how cyclic and return charts are read.  We are dealing with daily snapshots in time.  If we knew the whole story in detail on a day-by-day basis, we could create a chart for each day that would mirror the evnets and situations of that day.

This whole process of cyclic charting is one that is somewhat new to the astrological world.  Yet, there is an archive of some fire years of charts and stories that go with them.  In a couple of months a book on this very topic of t/Moon-to-n/Sun Returns will be published.  It is intended to be a primer, a resource, a guide to both creating these charts and reading them.  In the interim period I hope you, my readers, continue to find these charts and methods engaging and informative.


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