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Sally Ride, Part 4; A Life Defining Opportunity

“Remember that job you applied for?  You still interested in that?”  This was the words spoken over the phone very early in the morning of Jan. 16, 1978.  Sally had been sleeping,  The call jolted her awake.  The questions left … Continue reading

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Part Three: Sally’s Journey Is About To Begin

On October 2nd, 1977, the mailman brought Sally Ride a letter, postmarked “Houston, TX.”  Finally, a reply to her application that had been sent so long ago.  True, this was just a letter inviting her to visit them in Houston, … Continue reading

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Part Two; Sally Ride — Long Before Her Journey Into Space

During the 1970s daily news stories covered the U.S. Space Program, the early one-man sub-orbital launches out over the Atlantic Ocean from Cape Canaveral, the longer single-orbit-and-back and multiple orbits of Apollo space capsules, and later the journeys to the … Continue reading

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Sally Ride; A Most-Qualified Woman Driver

In 1983 the first U.S. woman Astronaut was scheduled to be aboard a Shuttle that was to fly into space.  NASA, the U.S. Space Agency, had several women qualified to go into space, Sally Ride was to be the first. … Continue reading

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Part Two: Baltimore Deals With Its Crises

Freddie Gray, after suffering a broken neck while in the custody of the Baltimore police, has become a rallying cry for disadvantaged areas of the city.  His death is not considered a “race” issue due to three of the arresting-transporting … Continue reading

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Upheaval In Baltimore, MD. Freddie Gray’s Death

Once again, a black man has died upon coming into contact with the police in his community.  Baltimore, Maryland has a significant black community such as many major cities have. Over the course of time the economy has changed, the … Continue reading

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