Part Two: Baltimore Deals With Its Crises

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Freddie Gray, after suffering a broken neck while in the custody of the Baltimore police, has become a rallying cry for disadvantaged areas of the city.  His death is not considered a “race” issue due to three of the arresting-transporting officers being white, the other three black.  No, the focus has turned to how citizens in poor neighborhoods are being served or not-served.  Those same citizens turned out to clean up their own neighborhoods.  The Mayor and District Attorney are clear about this situation — this was a homocide, an unfortunate and avoidable incident caused by the police.  Six police officers have been charged with various levels of crime, ranging from 2nd degree murder to lesser charges.  Answers will come.  In this posting I will be using a t/Moon-n/Mars Return and Advanced charts to view the murder of Freddie Gray through the lens of anger, aggressiveness and attitude.

GrayFreddieCFreddieMoppMars4-15-2015This t/Moon-opposed-n/Mars Return is for April 15, 2015 from the 12th to 6th houses.  t/Part of Fortune, t/Moon and t/Neptune opposes n/Mars in the 6th; A total lack of clarity and understanding, a lack of empathy and support was related to a chaotic situation wherein any force that occurred was not recognized.  That is how I see this situation.  Freddie Gray appeared to not have full control of his faculties when being taken to the Police van.  Placement into the van seemed not to have followed procedures.  A dragged-out route to the police station and hospital involved several stops, requests for aid, and an indifference to the situation of those in custody.

What the chart shows us is not any “truth” as such but what Freddie himself was able to experience.  Asc.-t/Uranus-t/Sun conjunct n/Part of Fortune.  A sudden and upsetting situation developed contrary to Freddies self-interests and created a totally ‘chance and change’ situation.  With n/Asc. opposite t/Mercury-t/Sun, others did not understand what was happening.  Actions were not connected with understanding.  t/Pluto-MC squared t/Uranus-Asc.—the angles were fired up, sudden (Uranus) brutality and irreversible force (Pluto) were at work here.  Willful or indifferent, that is the question?  Either way, aggressive and dangerous behavior did not work well for Freddie Gray.

t/Moon–n/Mars charts depict how one reacts to danger, anger, fight-or-flight situations, an urge or need to be creative or to assert one’s presence among others.  


On the day of his arrest, now said to be a false arrest for having a legal-sized knife, the t/Moon conjoined t/Part of Fortune and t/Mercury; everybody was reacting, nobody knew what the situation was.  Unfortunately for Freddie Gray, he also was confused and uncertain — note n/PoF at the Asc.  His self-interests (t/Sun) were opposed by others (n/Asc. at the Desc.).  All this is broadly square n/MC angle, his life-status was in jeopardy.  The fact that his medical condition was acute is noted by t/Chiron at the IC angle with t/Chiron opposing n/Mercury in the 6th house of illness.

Freddie has been buried.  His medical records are being considered relative to the charges against the police.  It would seem that there were unusual problems that Freddie had which were not recognized by the police.  I’m expecting that information will come out later indicating that Freddie’s condition was not entirely the fault of the police.  Was he brutally treated in some way?  Yes.  Did we see that as he was arrested and put into the van?  No.  Did he have problems on his own later while be transported?  Possible.  Did his placement and restraint (or lack of) while in the van and police custody contribute to his dangerous condition?  Likely.  Did his requests for help being ignored contribute to his passing?  It would seem so.  Did the time it took to get him medical attention take far too long?  Certainly.  Will some or all of the police have to pay a price for their conduct?  It seems they will have to.

Any time we deviate and move onto different ground, such as t/Moon-to-n/Mars cyclic charts, we take chances, we have to speculate.  Prior experience does not apply in new situations.  Would you find something different in these charts?  Do you have an opinion based on astrological practice?  If so, please comment.  Dave.


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