Part Three: Sally’s Journey Is About To Begin

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On October 2nd, 1977, the mailman brought Sally Ride a letter, postmarked “Houston, TX.”  Finally, a reply to her application that had been sent so long ago.  True, this was just a letter inviting her to visit them in Houston, not a job offer, not the promise of a job, just an invitation.  (The photo of Sally Ride to the left was taken a few years after this point in time.  While there are early photo’s of Sally Ride in her book, Sally Ride; America’s First Woman In Space, there are few early-before-being-an-astronaut photos to be found on Google-search.)

The point of this particular posting is to show that everyday happenings in our life can be very important in terms of changing our life.  Likewise, the t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return can be seemingly quiet until we take a close look at the basics.  The event and life-changes coming from this letter will be examined in the two charts below.


t/Moon-to-n/Sun in the 12th house charts have a generic theme (taken from the book) which states, ” Shaping the future or helping others in their needs.  Advocating for public service, policies. Volunteering or visiting those in solitude.  Being in a recovery or treatment phase for one’s health. Being isolated or working alone behind the scenes.”  Let us parse this statement.  Sally was, with the receipt of this reply to her application, shaping her future, advocating to joing a public (government) service.  She was alone at this point in terms of not working or having prospects that she was passionate about.

Note t/MC at n/MC, t/Asc. at n/Asc.;  this chart reflects an ‘angular re-alignment’ which is (for a cyclic chart) a profound indication that one’s life can change greatly!  It is much like being “reborn” with new potentials.  The natal pattern of n/Node-n/MC-n/PoF is at the chart’s MC angle; huge changes (PoF) will occur in terms of those with whom she associates (N.Node) with in her career (MC).  Simple keywords clearly explain the situation.  t/Jupiter-t/Asc.-n/Uranus points to good news and an expanding horizon for her to experience.  If we look at the lower angle we find t/Mercury-IC-n/Saturn; a structured news or notification.  (It was a form letter in part which she received).  Note that t/Sun in the 4th squares t/Jupiter-t/Asc.-n/Uranus-n/Asc; lending clarity and direction to her soon-to-be new life.  Let us now look, one day ahead, to the date Sally received her invitational letter from NASA.


So, what has changed from the day before. The t/Moon and t/PoF are the biggest factors of change, the advancing angles and t/Sun are not always the most significant changes.

t/PoF at 13 Pisces conjoins n/N.Node and will contact the MC (due to its motion of some 12-13 degrees per day.  Changes in who she associates with are indicated by this above pattern.  t/Moon (12th house) squares t/Venus near the IC and t/PoF (9th house-MC); Her emotions were elated to say the least, she felt lucky to have made the initial selection as one of the few among the many who had replied to NASA’s search for candidate astronauts.

t/Mercury-IC-n/Saturn is powerful and still in play from the Return chart.  The next day’s Advanced chart would have the n/PoF and t/PoF conjoining.  This is typically a factor indicating great joy, celebration, change.  t/Mars conjoins n/Venus; Sally feels that she is acting on her desires.  Not only is t/Jupiter still on the Asc. of this chart, note t/Jupiter in the 10th is opposed by t/Sun in the 4th.  Doubled up Jupiters are lucky indeed.

A bit of background story is appropriate here.  Nearly 25,000 people received application forms from NASA relative to NASA’s advertising for astronaut candidates.  8,079 people had replied by the deadline date.  1,251 of these were women.  A college professor gave her the best possible qualifications for everything listed on the forms sent to to those references listed on the application.  He never noted that he was her boyfriend.  Another friend, Molly Tyson, ignored the reference form and instead wrote a touching letter noting Sally’s character and drive, and that Sally was a highly-ranked Tennis player in the U.S, indicating her professionalism and competitiveness.  Molly was Sally’s girlfriend on a most intimate level.  Yes, Sally was playing both sides of the sexual orientation game, something that NASA never caught wind of until late in her career.  You may now note the natal PoF-MC-N.Node pattern and Uranus-Asc. pattern — these seem to be “supportive” but not strongly “gender” indicators.  Given the natal Sun-Mars conjunction, one would initially suspect Sally as having a driving personality, which she did have — almost to the extreme.

In summary, we have seen the powerful symbolism of natal angles matching up with Return/Cyclic chart angles, the power of Sun-Mars, of PoF-MC-N.Node.  T/Mercury at the IC surely and clearly indicates receiving news, while angular Jupiter assures us that it is good news.  These “everyday” events teach us a lot of how symbols work in the most literal way.  Dave. 


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